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A type of shapeshifter, Wing Mages deal exclusively in aerial combat. They can serve as tanks, healers, or switch between high single-target and AoE damage. They are extremely useful and versatile in any situation.

Wing Magic is a bit different from other schools in that the abilities it allows a user to wield is wholly dependant upon the form that the caster chooses to take. Shedding wings is universally a free action, growing a pair of new wings is a full-round ability, and the caster may not use a move action that turn while growing their wings for fear of tearing or losing them. The caster my fly as part of their movement action in any of these forms. While flying you naturally have double movement bonus.

Class Proficiencies:
This class wears cloth armor, and may dual wield one handed weapons, or use a two handed ranged weapon. The two handed weapons they may wield are limited to staves, spears, pikes, pole arms, tridents, or nets. This class uses all three primary stats in combat depending on the form they take.

Basic Attacks

Wing Attack  D10 + Brawn or Agility
You may hit up to 2 targets within melee range with you wings, dealing D10 damage and knocking them prone.

Wings of the Fate:
You can fly at will, hovering above the ground or high into the air. Increasing your movement bonus x3 at all times.

Angel’s Wings


Divine Origin
Deal double damage to monsters or wielders of dark magics

Favored One
Your strength and constitution modifiers are +1

Angelic Weapons D10 + Brawn
You summon divine weapons in combat, your melee attacks are all D10

Free Action

Healing Touch D6 + Magic
Heal someone or yourself for D6 hit points

Improved Healing Touch  D6 - D20 + Magic
Using healing touch on the same target more than once raises the die size for subsequent heals, up to D20


Searing Burst D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage Over Time
Emit magical, divine energy, damaging enemies within a 5 yard radius of you for D6 radiant fire damage for D4 rounds.

Alluring Song
Any enemies within five squares are inexplicably drawn to you in a trance. They will not attack you, but any damage will break the spell. You may sing and channel this ability on-going as a free action. Every 2 rounds you must reroll to keep them enthralled.

Banshee’s Wings:


Undead Resistances
Take half damage from acid, fire, lightning, thunder, poison, charms, piercing, & slashing. You take double damage from holy and light magics.

Heightened Senses
You have dark vision and can see in both natural and unnatural darkness. You may also detect stealthed targets in the "general area". This does not apply to anyone who is invisible, or in any form of protective shield, barrier, or stasis.

Detect Life
You can magically sense the presence of living creatures up to 100 yards away that are not undead or constructs. You know the general direction and approximately how many bodies, but not exact numbers or locations.

Free Action

Corrupting Touch D6 + Magic | Damage Over Time
Melee attacks with your bare hands cause D6 corruption damage over D4 turns


Piercing Scream D6 + Magic | Stun or Area of Effect Damage Over Time
Howl wildly causing all enemies to drop their weapons and cover their ears, effectively stunning them for D4 turns (on failing their defensive roll) or take D6 damage upon winning their defensive roll. Takes 4 turns to recharge.

Deadly Screech: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage + Interrupt
You let out a high pitched shriek dealing damage to all enemies within a 5 yard radius of you for D6. Targets who are not damaged may be dazed, interrupting spellcasting or channeled abilities.

Horrifying Visage
Usable once per fight, enemies drop their weapons and flee upon failing their defensive roll.

Dragon’s Wings:


Draconic Resistances
Immune to fire

Free Action

Legendary Resistance
Once per fight if you fail a defensive roll you may choose to succeed instead.

You next melee attack may hit a single target three times. May not be used consecutively.


Fire Breath D8 + Magic | Area of Effect
Exhale fire in a cone in front of you. Deal D8 damage and enemies continue to burn for D8 damage over D4 turns.

Burning Song D6 + Magic | Area of Effect + Damage Over Time
Ignite the air around you and fan the flames with the wings of your cloak. Deal D6 fire damage to all enemies within 10 squares over D6 rounds.

Tail Swipe D8 + Brawn | Area of Effect Damage
D8 damage in a cone and enemies are knocked prone

Insect’s Wings:


Your health is increased by 10% and you gain 10% of your maximum armor as Natural Armor

Natural Avoidance
Add +4 to all dodge rolls

Free Action

Dive into the ground, removing all negative effects and becoming immune for the duration


Entomb D4 + Magic | Damage Over Time + Crowd Control
While burrowed you can reach up through the ground and pull an enemy down into the earth with you, trapping them for D6 rounds and they take D4 damage per round for the duration

Swarm D6 + Magic | Damage Over Time
Call forth a swarm of insects to attack your target for D6 damage over D4 rounds

Stinger D6 + Magic | Damage Over Time
Deal D6 poison damage over D6 rounds

Dirt Devil
Stir up the dust and debris from the ground into a blinding cloud. Enemies within 10 squares are obscured and can not target allies until they move out of the cloud. Lasts D4 rounds unless refreshed by this ability.

Sphinxe’s Wings:


You are immune to any magic effect that would alter your person. This includes stuns, roots, binds, psychic attacks, influencing your mind or emotions.

Divine Being
You take half damage from any holy or divine magics

Lawful Neutral
You can detect evil and good along with a being’s intentions on any roll other than a crit fail.

Spare the Dying D10 + Magic | Revive + Healing
Any party member that receives a killing blow is instead healed for D10 hit points. This may not occur more than once per day.

Free Action

Enemies who fail their defensive roll are frightened for D4 turns and take no actions on their turn. Usable once per fight.


Roar D8 + Magic | Area of Effect
Call upon the heavens to deal D8 Thunder Damage to all enemies. Usable once per fight.

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