Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Wind Walkers are a type of monk that are adaptable and resilient. Rather than specialize in a key area, they are a hybrid of many forms. Excellent mobility, single and multi-target damage.


Class Proficiencies:
This class may wear Cloth or Leather. It may use any non-bladed weapons when attacking. It uses a combination of Magic and Agility.

Good Karma:
If you are below half health, you may heal for the second half of Touch of Karma damage rather than dealing it to an opponent.

Afterlife:  D10 + Magic | Single Target Heal
If you land a killing blow on an enemy their spirit energy is formed into a sphere that hovers above their body. Any ally that touches it heals for D10.

Inner Strength: D6 + Agility Damage Buff or D6 + Magic Healing
At 0 health you may choose to continue fighting or to meditate. If you continue to fight, you deal an extra D6 damage per turn, but take D6 damage per turn until out of combat or you die. If you meditate, you sit in one spot and regenerate D6 health per turn until you are at half HP. You may not take any other actions during this time, but you may still be targeted and attacked.

Hit Combo: Damage Buff
Your attacks on the same target empower your resolve. You deal one die size higher damage for every two consecutive turns you attack the same enemy. Damage bonus is lost when attacking a new target.

Earth, Wind, & Fire:  Damage Reduction Bonus
You are immune to damage over time from these elements. You take half damage from direct sources of these elements.

Free Action:

Chi Torpedo:
Blast forward 10 yards, knocking away anyone in your path.

Roll 5 yards in any direction, ignoring movement impairing effects. You ignore attacks of opportunity.

Energizing Elix:
Drink this brew and gain an extra free action for the next D4 turns. This effect does not stack.

Gain an extra basic melee attack for D6 rounds. Usable once per day.

Leave a copy of your spirit in place. You may immediately transfer back to this spot at any time if you are no more than 25 yards away.

Touch of Death:
Sacrifice 25% of your health and channel it as extra damage into your next ability.

Dampen Harm:
Target takes 50% less damage for D6 turns. Usable once per target per day.

Diffuse Magic:
Take 50% less magic damage for D6 turns. Useable once per fight.


Chi Wave: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage and Healing
Cast a wave of chi energy at a friend or foe for D6 healing or damage. It automatically bounces to the next closest target within 10 yards, it bounces up to D6 times.

Chi Burst: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage and Healing
Fire a bolt of chi energy in a straight line in front of you up to 20 yards. It does D6 healing or damage to anyone it hits.

Fist of the White Tiger:  +1 Die | Damage Buff
Strike with the technique of the White Tiger dealing an additional die worth of damage. May not be used more than once in the same turn.

Tiger Palm: D4 + Agility | Single Target Damage
Attack with the palm of your hand dealing D4 damage.

Fists of Fury: D4 Damage + Agility | Channeled Ability + Damage Over Time
Pummel all targets directly in front of you for D4 damage over D4 turns. Takes 2 turns to recharge.

Rising Sun Kick: D8 + Agility | Single Target Damage
Kick upwards dealing D8 damage to a single target. Any enemies within melee range get an attack of opportunity.

Blackout Kick: Stun
Kick an enemy propelled by a blast of Chi energy. Target has a 50% chance to be stunned for D4 rounds and a 50% chance to be knocked prone.

Spinning Crane Kick: D6 + Agility + Bonus | Area of Effect Damage
Jump into the air launching a fierce spinning kick for D6 damage. Deals one die higher for every 2 enemies within melee range of you.

Touch of Karma: Buff
Store the damage you take over the next 2 rounds, upon expiration take half of it and deal the other half to a target of your choice within melee range.

Ring of Peace: Area of Effect Knockback
Put a ring of chi energy on the ground that is 5 yards across. Anyone who comes into contact with it (or is inside when it is cast) is launched backwards 10 yards and knocked down. Lasts D4 rounds. May be cast once per fight.

Rushing Jade Wind: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
Summon a whirling tornado of energy around you. It deals D6 damage per turn for D6 turns. Usable once per fight, hits everyone in melee range.

Xuen the White Tiger: D12  + Magic | Single Target Damage
Call upon the power of Xuen, deal D12 melee damage to a single enemy.

Serenity: D6 + Magic | Heal + Buff
Calm your mind, take 50% less damage this round from all sources, and heal yourself for D6. Takes 2 rounds to recharge.

Whirling Dragon Punch: D12 + Agility | Single Target Damage
Launch a devastating whirlwind uppercut for D12 damage. Landing a killing blow with this attack resets it cooldown, allowing you to use it again.