Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Wind Magic is a balanced combination of melee abilities and ranged attacks. These fighters flow effortlessly across the battlefield inflicting damage. No one is safe from their reach.

Free Action:

Rushing Jade Wind: AOE - D4
Summon a whirlwind around you that deals (D4) damage for (D4) rounds. Follows you wherever you go.

Move up to 15 yards in any direction as a free action. During this time you cannot be targeted, affected by traps, or be the victim of an attack of opportunity.

Enter an elevated states of mental and physical well-being. While in this state you take half damage and deal double damage for (D4) rounds. Usable once per day.


Towering Tornado: AOE - D6
Summon a tornado that moves around the room, pulling enemies out of place and damaging & throwing anyone it picks up. Completely eats non-magic ranged attacks. Lasts for (D4) rounds.

Swift White Hawk: AOE - D8
Summon an effigy of a giant white hawk that flies in a straight line and damages anyone that it hits. Unlimited range.

Wind Shear: AOE - D6
Call forth the power of the wind blast it within a cone in front of you.

Sylph’s Breath: AOE Heal - D6
Call forth a healing blast that heals any allies directly in front of you within melee range. (You gain no benefit)

Gale Bow: Ranged - D8
Shoot an arrow of extreme force from an ethereal bow at a single target.

Song of Ice: AOE - D6
Channel a concentrated hail storm at a target location. You may channel forever but require 1 round to recharge before you may use it again.

Thief’s Wind Cloud:
Move at double speed flying at up to twice your height for (D6) rounds. You may continue to fight while flying. Dismounting dismisses your cloud which would need to be resummoned. You may not carry additional passengers.

Wrath of the Whirlwind: Single Target Ranged - D6
Summon a Whirlwind at the target location, traps them in place and deals (D6) damage for the duration (D4 Rounds).

Galeforce Trauma: D6
Deals D6 damage to all enemies within melee range.

Swift Strike: Single Target - D4
Attack with the palm of your hand. If the die is even your opponent is stunned for 1 round.

Hurricane Strike: AOE
Channel Swift Strike to all targets within melee range of you. You may channel for an unlimited consecutive number of turns, but this ability takes 2 additional turns to recharge once you stop.

Gust: D6
Dash forward up to 10 yards and strike an opponent with both of your fists for D6 damage. May not be used consecutively.