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The game starts on the world of Sanctuary, where the demon lord Diablo was defeated and banished some 50 years ago. Since then, monsters and men alike have risen to power taking his place. The landscape is now ruled by the 12 Lords of Terror, who are in a constant state of conflict with each other. Your journey begins here, outside the small town of Tristram where you find yourselves for one reason or another. Lost, adrift with no family or friends, it is here you meet searching for a purpose in this long forgotten place of power.

The map of Sanctuary

The 12 Lords of Terror

Caldeum: Freddy Kruegar
Kingsport: Dorian Grey
Gea Kul: Edward Hyde (Dr. Jekyl)
Xiansai: Ra’s al Ghul
Tur Dulra: Mina Harker (Vampire)
Ensteig: The Wicked Witch of the West
Bastion’s Keep: Voldemort
Urch: Arthur Vines (Werewolves)
Dreadlands: Sauron
Skartara: Captain Hook
Kurast: Dr. Frankenstein (not the monster)
Westmarch: Cardinal Richelieu (3 musketeers villian)

Upon entering town you are surprised how little light and life there is. Muted sounds, the occasional sob or wail, few lanterns and no fires whatsoever. You make your way through the front gate, which is cracked open, allowing you enough room to pass. Upon entering you see a few people milling about, talking quietly. You see a woman crying, a few men sitting on benches drinking a dark liquid and grimacing, and an old man with a tall, gnarled staff sitting on a stone wall by a dirty fountain, looking weary and parched.

He looks up with a tired glance as you approach him, “greetings travelers” he begins as he is wracked with a dry, hacking cough. “What brings you to Tristram on a night like this?” he looks a little pensive and grips his staff a little tighter as he tries to stand up and look you in the eye. Wearily, he gives up about halfway through and sits back down. Half of the townspeople quickly move indoors while the other half turn away, busying themselves while stealing the occasional glance your direction. These people are in dire straights, though the source is not entirely clear.

As the old man begins to calm his coughing fit, you begin to notice other signs. Dead plants and grass, sickly animals, dirty shovels, and a four odor wafting on the air.

*Followup quests include:
The Poisoned Water Supply
Gharbald & The Magic Rock
Halls of the Blind
Arkaine's Valor
The Anvil of Fury