Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

There is darkness, but for the first time that you can remember, you are aware of it. By the time you become accustomed to it, there is light. Bright, white, glaring light. You've lost all sense of time and space, you can't feel your body as your mind drifts towards this light, rapidly approaching until it fills your mind's eye.

Suddenly a lurch, and you are mentally grounded once again. Sights and sounds on the edge of your awareness slowly come into focus. The smell of fresh flowers and leaves, a light breeze on your skin, the sounds of birds call to one another, insects buzzing nearby, and squirrels playing nearby. You can feel the soft bed of leaves underneath you, lying atop a firm wood surface. The bright blue sky overhead is filtered by leaves and branches all around you. You blink several times and slowly lift yourself up, you are surrounded by your companions. You instinctively know them, even though their appearance looks foreign.

Standing on a large branch a few feet away is a strange woman covered in leaves and vines, both sprouting numerous flowers. Semi-translucent like a fairy or spirit, she has the face and body of an elf, but her skin (while they right color) seems to have the texture of bark. Curious, and with a dawning realization you try to discern where you've heard these terms before. You've certainly never seen an elf or fairy before but then how would you know all of these details so definitively?

The woman stifles a polite laugh behind the back of her hand, it is melodious, like the sound of a bubbling brook over stones. She smiles with a flash of her eyes as you each move into a sitting or standing position. You are all fully geared with appropriate weapons and armor, and looking between yourselves equally bewildered you share a knowing nod, there is no danger here. You all recognize each other, and her somehow. Its like a face you've seen somewhere before of a person you've never met.

She extends her arms in welcome and speaks in a flowing language that sounds like wind rushing through the trees, rustling leaves. Though foreign to your ears, your mind can fully translate it as a native speaker. "Welcome my children. I am Ceridwen, they daugher of Creirwy, goddess of life and avatar of the World Tree which you helped bring to this world. "

"It has been one hundred and fifty years since we can to this planet and planted the World Seed. And from it, all life you see before you has grown. Each of you contributed yourselves to the cause, and from your memories, skills, and experiences I have formed the other Races of this world. They have grown and flourished amongst themselves, splitting off into various new species and races, they have built towns, tribes, and governments - established religions, waged battles, and loved, lost, succeeded, and triumphed. And now it is time for the Age of Man. I have waited until the rest of the world was ready for you, but now it is your time. I task each and every one of you with the Stewardship of this World. You shall be my Guardians, protectors of the World Tree. You may call on me in times of need and I will aide you, should you fall I shall sustain you. And in return I ask that you unite the nations and prepare them for the next chapter of our History, the Rise of Man. When you are ready, return to me and we will sow the seeds for new nations, and you will help them acclimate to this new world."

"I have prepared you with the knowledge and understanding you need to interact with the other Races of this world. Though they were constructed from your past lives, the nuance of their species eliminates all ties you would otherwise share with them. Your new forms are adaptable to the regions of this world. Your minds possess the skills and capabilities to adapt in almost any situation, and your equipment will start you on equal footing with all but the most advanced races."