Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Call out to the great beyond and summon dark energies to empower your attacks. Bend the Void to your will and smite your foes. Primarily single target, Void Mages come with some utility in the form of fear and silence.


Gift of the Void
Take no damage from void magics

Lingering Insanity
Your charisma rolls have a 50% chance to be cut in half. You intimately understand the dead, undead, ghosts & spirits, monsters, animals, mushrooms, and persons who are afflicted.

Legacy of the Void
You capture the soul of any living person or creature you land a killing blow on, you save it in a void prison of your own design to snack on later. You regain half your missing health when devouring a soul.

Free Action

Void Portal
Create a one-way portal to the void on demand as a free action. Lasts until cancelled, you can channel to move the portal half of your movement speed per turn.

Move and cast twice as fast for D4 rounds (take 2 turns). Useable once per fight.

Surround an enemy with a shell of magic, keeping them from casting for D4 rounds

Dark Ascension
Immediately activate your VoidForm for D6 rounds. All abilities are now D10 and hit every target in the current fight. Usable once per day. You take double damage from Light and Holy magic sources while in VoidForm.


Void Blast: D10
Blast an enemy with a ball of void magic

Dark Void: D6 AOE
Unleash an explosion of magic at a target location dealing damage to all enemies within a 10 yard radius

Shadow Word: Death
Immediately kill a target with less health than you if they fail their defensive roll. Usable once per fight (counts only if successful)

Shadow Word: Pain D6 DoT
Cause mind numbing D6 damage over D4 rounds to a target

Void Torrent: D8
Channel dark magics into the target, dealing D8 damage and healing for half the damage done per turn.

Mind Bender
Empty the target’s mind of thought and fill it with doubt, causing the enemy to lash out at anyone around him. Range of sight, must channel to maintain chaotic state.

Surrender to Madness: D12 AOE
An ability that does D12 damage to all enemies within 25 yards who fail their defensive rolls for as long as you channel it. While channeling this ability you take double damage from all sources.

From the Nether: D12
Open a two way portal into the Void. Summon a creature from beyond. It does D12 damage, rolls defensively whenerve you command it, will break free of your control and attack everyone alive until it is banished or killed if it ever rolls a natural 20.