Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

An exotic class, any player may inherit it alongside their other abilities if certain prerequisites are met (at the sole discretion of the DM). Examples include through a ritual, curse, possession, or item (such as Agiluff, Soulshard of Malice).


Class Proficiencies:
You may wear cloth or leather, and do not use weapons when attacking. Your
melee abilities are empowered by Brawn and your ranged abilities are empowered by Magic.

Black Soul:
You are empowered by killing blows. For every enemy you kill you gain a stack of Darkness. You may gain up to 10 stacks. Stacks are lost upon going to sleep or being knocked unconscious.

Feast On Fear:
When stunning or fearing enemies you regenerate D4 damage.

Devil's Due:
When empowered with Black Soul you deal an additional D4 damage with all attacks.

Soul Shield:
When empowered with Black Soul you gain 10% natural armor that regenerates every turn as long as Black Soul is active.

Sacrificial Soul:
Sacrifice your health and deal that much damage on your next successful attack. If Black Soul is active you deal twice as much damage.

Souls to the Flame:
You gain half your damage as health from Fire Stomp when Black Soul is active.

If you successfully cast Overpower with Black Soul active, you then pummel that enemy for an additional D6 damage.

Dying Breath:
Upon reaching 0 hit points you automatically cast Apocalypse.

Consuming Darkness:
Upon reaching 0 hit points, instead of going unconscious you may automatically consume 10 stacks of Darkness and return to half of your maximum health or 25 stacks of Darkness to return to full health.

If you stun someone who attacked you last turn you gain a 10% damage bonus for D4 rounds. This effect may be refreshed and stacks up to 5 times.

Malicious Intent:
You may not persuade, negotiate, or otherwise interact with others except through fear and intimidation. You gain a +5 to all associated rolls when being threatening.

Free Action:

Overpower: D8 + Brawn | Single Target Melee + Crowd Control
Enrage with inhuman energy, grab a target within melee range and slam them on the ground behind you. They are stunned for 1 round.

Lightning Nova: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect
A ring of lightning appears around you for 1 round dealing D6 damage to anyone caught within it.

Unspeakable Horror: Crowd Control
Let your true power flow through you, causing those around you to cower in fear. This interrupts spellcasting and stuns enemies for 1 round. May be used once per fight.


Consume Souls:
Channel this ability on an enemy, they take no damage but are stunned for the duration. You generate D4 stacks of Darkness per turn. Maximum 8 square range.

Lord of Terror:"X"
Fixate on a single target. Sacrifice all your stacks of Darkness and deal that much damage x5

Durance of Hate: D4
Charge this ability up for 1 round, then release a wave of Hatred in every direction. It travels for 8 yards and stuns any enemies it hits for D4 rounds and they take D4 damage per turn for its duration.

Apocalypse: D10
Create a demonic rune under each enemy within 20 yards. It pulses with power and explodes for D10 damage. Usable once per fight.

Shadow Charge: D8
Charge an enemy, knocking them back and dealing D8 physical damage to them. You gain a 10% movement bonus for 2 rounds. If you charge an enemy into terrain, people, or objects they are stunned for D4 rounds. Usable once per fight.

Fire Stomp: D6
Unleash fire waves in all directions dealing D6 damage to anyone hit. Once they reach maximum range of 5 yards, they return to you dealing additional damage on your next turn. Usable once per fight.

Skull Missle: D10
Conjure a skull that flies in a straight line for 10 yards and exploding on contact for D10 damage. If it fails to hit a target it turns around and seeks the nearest target the following round. Usable once per fight.