Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

As you reach the back of the cave, you find Veldora. A towering Storm Dragon, he is encased in a series of layered defenses. The outer shell seems to shimmer with an orange hue, like hardened Amber. Within that there are ripples of magic and color, and the entire thing is held within a metal cage, anchored to the wall.

Layers Include from outside to inner-most:

  • Epic quality metal cage
  • Hardened amber
  • An anti-magic layer
  • A layer of reinforcement magic made physical by an Artificer
  • A layer of chrono-statis
  • A layer of containment magic
  • A paralysis spell
  • Veldora himself

Upon freeing him he is willing to barter, but he can not leave he is too weak after being imprisoned for hundreds of years. He has both knowledge and some lingering remnants of power in terms of reward. However he has the power to Name and Grant Abilities as well.