Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Unholy Mages deal damage by twisting the very nature of magic itself. Fueled through torment and suffering, they thrive on the pain and anguish they cause others.


Dark Aura:
You gain 10% of the damage you deal as healing

Fueled By Torment:
Whenever an enemy dies by your hand (killing blow) your abilities go up a die size for D4 rounds.

Echo of Doom:
When Necrotic Embrace expires, any enemies still standing in it have their skin begin to melt for an additional D10 damage that turn.

Dark Plague:
After Night Rush expires, any enemies still within it fall asleep for D4 rounds. Attacking them does not wake them.

Nightmare Fuel:
You deal double damage to enemies that are asleep.

Blood Rush:
When drawing first blood on an enemy, you next attack on them is increased by 1 die size.

Vanquish The Weak:
Any enemies with less health than you take half the damage they deal to you when attacking in melee.

Demonic Essence:
Traditional healing hurts you instead. Potions are an exception.

Hateful Mending:
Skull Missile and Lightning Nova heal for half of the damage done when striking more than one target.

Malicious Intent:
You can perceive the intentions of others, reading the anger, fear, and desires from their very souls.

You can now continue to fight up to half of your negative hit points before going unconscious. While your hit points are negative you roll one die size higher for all attacks and abilities.

Free Action

Hysteria: Crowd Control
Fill an enemy with terror, they have a chance to give up and flee or cower, stunned for D4 turns.

Consumed By Hated: Single Target Damage Bonus
Spend any number of your hit points and increase the damage of your next attack by that number. Only works on single-target attacks, does not influence AOE abilities.

Shade Lord:
Summon a shade and swap places with it instantly. This can be used defensively.

Unspeakable Horror: Crowd Control
Silence a target for D4 rounds, interrupting all speaking & spell-casting.


Necrotic Embrace: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage Over Time
Desecrate the air dealing D6 damage to all enemies within a 5 square area. Lasts for D6 rounds.

Night Rush: Movement Bonus + Movement Penalty
A heavy cloud falls upon the battlefield, giving your allies doubled movement speed and cutting enemies movement speed in half. Lasts D6 rounds.

Carrion Swarm: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
Disperse into an invulnerable swarm of bats for D4 turns, dealing D10 damage to any enemies you pass through. Movement speed is doubled, can be cast on yourself or other allies. Gain half of the damage done as HP. Can be cancelled at any time.

Dark Conversion:  Heal + Damage | Channeled Ability
Successfully channel for 2 turns to swap HP percentages with that target.

Plague Bats: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
Unleash a wave of bats in a 5 yard cone dealing D8 damage to all enemies in range.

Globe of Annihilation: D8 + Magic | Single Target Damage
Throw a sphere of destructive magics at an enemy for D8 damage. If you land a killing blow with this ability you now throw an additional Globe every cast of this ability. Stacks are lost at the end of combat.

Demonic Invasion: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
Rain a small army of demonic grunts down upon enemies in an 8 yard radius. Enemies take D6 damage while channeling. The grunts die instantly from the fall damage.

Skull Missile: D8 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
Conjure a skull that travels in a line up to 10 squares dealing D8 damage to any enemies hit

Lightning Nova: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
Cast a ring of lightning around you for D4 rounds. Enemies within the ring take D6 damage per turn.

Shade Of Darkness: D8 + Magic | Damage Over Time
Summon a shade behind an enemy. It wraps itself around the target and feeds on its life essence until destroyed. It has 1 hp.

Consume Souls: D6 + Magic | Heal + Damage Over Time
Channel for D4 rounds, dealing D6 damage to all enemies within 10 yards. Recover HP for each point of damage you deal. You can not move or take any additional actions while channeling.

Durance of Hate: D4 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage + Stun
Unleash a wave of demonic energy in a 5 yard cone in front of you. Any enemies hit by this are stunned for 1 round and take D4 damage.

Shard of Hate: “X” Damage + Magic | Area of Effect
Create and throw a shard of hate by filling it with any number of your hit points. It explodes dealing that much damage to all enemies in a 5 square radius. Shards must be thrown the same turn they are created, and may not be thrown or used by any other players.