Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

*Ruled by their “Wizard King”, this Kingdom is a rather peaceful, if secluded, scholarly nation. Heavily invested in their books, they have rarely been known to travel outside their borders. A highly organized people, their towns are overseen by squads of Knights whose task is to patrol and protect their individual regions.

*Each player must undergo 3 trials of their choosing. A Kingdom artificer and conjurer are both on hand to provide the players with anything they might need in order to pass these trails. The purposes of these trials is to awaken any latent or dormant energies resting within. Survival is the measure of success, for many ambitious applicants fail and pay the ultimate price. Which trials you choose and how you go about completing them will set the stage for the next path in your journey. (Any player who can pass all three trials without taking any damage will pass with "High Honors" and eligible for bonus rewards.).

Begin The Trial:
Barefoot, wearing a thin t-shirt and pair of shorts made of simple cloth, you stand before the Wizard King and Magic Knight Captains, ready to begin. Complete three trials of your choosing, you may choose multiple trials of the same type. The purpose of these trials is to reveal your capabilities and any magical affinities you may possess.

Trial By Fire:

  • Pass over a row of heated ploughshares, 12 feet long by 4 feet wide.
  • Lay on a bed of coals for (4 turns)
  • Survive voluntary immolation
  • Fetch a red hot iron out of the forge and carry it to a secondary point

Trial By Water:

  • Remove a stone from a pot of boiling water, oil, or lead
  • Survive a bath of molten metal
  • Submerged in a barrel of freezing water
  • Drink a vial of poison

Trial By Mischief:

  • Remove a small object from underneath a basket without touching the basket
  • Trial of the cross, arms outstretched whichever fails first loses
  • Retrieve a ring from within a clay pot, which also holds a cobra
  • Consume a vial of sand
  • Fly with the use of a broom
  • Pour magic into a seed to make it grow
  • Retrieve a pendant from within a large crystal made of diamond

Trial By Combat:

  • Move a stone wall back 10 feet. It is 8 ft tall, 6 feet wide, and over 1200 lbs.
  • Stop a moving target
  • Resurrect a fallen animal

Choose a crest:

  • Golden Dawn
  • Black Bull
  • Silver Eagle
  • Blue Rose
  • Crimson Lion
  • Green Mantis
  • Coral Peacock
  • Purple Orca
  • Azure Deer

Receive Your Grimoire:
After the Exam is complete, applicants follow the Wizard King to the library where he begins an incantation. Magic of all types fills the room as books begin to fly off the shelves and around the room, opening themselves and spilling power and light into the air. You reach up to receive you Grimoire as it chooses you.

“Congratulations”, says the Wizard King with a smile. “You are now Magic Knights"

*Followup Story Arc: A local town has been taken over by Excommunicated Magic Knights. You must bring them to justice and rescue the townspeople.