Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Time Mages influence reality to devastating effect.  They provide unusual combat prowess that is difficult to counter, and unique utility.


Master of Time
You may take your turn at any point during the round, you may not interrupt a turn if it is already in progress.

Time Anomaly
Once at the start of each round roll a D4. If it is evens you gain an extra free action this turn.

Temporal Flux
Whenever an opponent dies you gain a free charge of Clearcasting. Charges are lost at the end of combat.

Rule of Threes
Every third free action you take automatically triggers Magic Missles to go off at the closest available target.

Anticipate Peril
You know right before someone is going to attack your group, and who they are going to target.

You gain +1 to attack and defensive rolls.

Free Action

Slip Stream
Leverage time to move at imperceptible speeds, you may move 4x your normal move speed instantly as a free action for 1 round. You gain +5 to dodge rolls during this time.

Rewind Time
Instantly require a die to be rerolled by an ally. This may be used once per person per day.

Your next attack is empowered with Time Magic, a target of your choice has a -5 to their next roll. This effect may stack up to 4 times but must be used proactively (before the dice are rolled). Has limited effects outside of combat, on bosses and mini-bosses.

Charged Up
Gain a second cast of Magic Missles this turn

Mage Armor
Gain 10 Natural Armor. This effect may not stack more than twice, re-casting refreshes the armor amount. You may only cast this on yourself.

Memory Lapse
An enemy forgets the events of the last turn.

You cut the movement speed of an enemy in half for D4 rounds.

True Strike
You gain +D8 to hit on your next attack. You may also cast this on an ally, this ability does not stack, this bonus does not trigger a Crit or soft Crit, it also does not offset a Critical Failure or soft Crit Fail.

Your next spell cast goes up one die size for damage.

Dispel Magic
Negative magic effects, damage or healing over time, etc have a 50% to be dispelled by you. This ability does not allow you to interrupt channeled ability or spell casting.

Magic Missles  D4 + Magic | Single Target Damage
Shoot magic missles at an enemy.


Accelerate Status Direct Damage | Buff
Cause a Damage Over Time effect to resolve instantly.

Unstable Magic Debuff
Create a temporal vortex on a target that lasts for D4 rounds. The magic damage they deal and receive (along with healing) is cut in half.

Chrono Stasis Stun
Trap a target in a sphere of frozen time. Lasts D6 rounds.

Time Bomb D10 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
Create and place an invisible bomb of energy that goes off after 2 rounds. You may not have more than 1 bomb active at a time.

Amplication x2 Damage Buff on Allies
Channel time magic into a friendly target, their magic abilities deal double damage while this effect is active

Decay D10 + Magic | Channeled Damage Over Time
Cause a target to age in real time, draining their life D10 per turn.

Baby Bomb Stun
Throw a sphere of energy at an opponent that causes them to revert to a toddler for D4 rounds. They are unable to attack or roll defensively while in this state, their hitpoints decrease to 10% of their current value. Does not work on bosses or mini-bosses

Solid State Stun
Freeze an enemy in place for D4 rounds. May be active on more than one target at a time.

Withering D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
You speed up time dramatically, damaging everyone within 5 yards of you D6 per turn you channel it.

Temporal Rift D8 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
You cut a large swath through time and space, ripping a hole in the fabric of reality. Anyone caught within this rift is takes D8 damage per turn. Rift is 2-4 squares wide, and up to 10 squares long.

Spark of Creation D8 + Magic | Multi-Target Damage
You cast a bolt of energy at an enemy for D8 damage. It has a 50% chance to jump to the next closest person. Hitting allies automatically allows the spark to jump again.