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Civil war saw the collapse of the Feudal country of Sofronio almost 100 years ago, eventually settling into six smaller kingdoms over the following decade.

The Kingdom of Rajiv is where you begin this story. Led by King Tymoteusz III, he is quite lackluster and petty when compared to his forefathers who helped settle and shape this land. Tymoteusz the First was known as the conqueror, for claiming the largest settlement of land after the fall. Tymoteusz the Second was known as the Destroyer, for how he repayed those who sided against him. Three of the five borders around this kingdom are razed and salted for over 10 miles in every direction, a direct response to encroaching neighbors. Tymoteusz the Third however is nicknamed the Feckless behind his back. Talk of rebellion can be found throughout the land & surrounding Kingdoms, as Tymoteusz the Third squanders the riches of his inheritance.

For one reason or another you all find yourselves within the town of Romao, less than 50 miles from the capital. As the sun begins to set below the horizon, you hear a chorus of screams. A yell of water and fire pierce the air as smoke begins to waft on the breeze.

As you head towards one of the larger taverns near the center of town, a slight chill pricks at your skin. The smell of death & decay become stronger as you approach the building, the orange hue of flames reflecting from within. A large circle of villagers have formed a ring around the building, some with buckets or pails full of water. All frozen in shock with grim and somber looks upon their face as they watch a gruesome scene unfolde.

Members of the Laughing Coffin guild stand guard as the inhabitants of the inn struggle between the roaring flames within and the risen fiends changed outside each door. A death of fates they call it, the victims presented with multiple ways to die, usually all of them slow and horrible. The Will of the Dreadlords "guide their path", though usually a slight or rebuff is the true underlying cause for their actions.

Four fiends & six members, two mages & the rest martial by the looks of their gear, and from the sounds of it no less than 20 people inside, slowly burning to death.

What will you do?