Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

The shield hero is defense first, hybrid brawler. This class does no wield traditional weapons, and instead uses a small or medium sized buckler on each arm. When attacking, they may throw the small bucklers, or use either to punch with, similar to attacking with a knuckle-duster. Extremely hard to kill, this class is a tank through and through, specializing in reflection, a class-specific type of defensive parry.


You may choose to reflect ranged attacks the same way you parry melee.

Block Magic:
You may block magic spells as if they were a normal attack. Not all magic types or spells are treated equally, at the discretion of the DM.

Stay Safe:
By default you do not take AoE Damage, and you may choose to block an ally's AoE damage by forfeiting this bonus yourself.

Throw Shield:
You may throw small shields

Eye on Target:
You may throw your shield to block an attack for an ally

You exclusively wield shields. You do not use any other type of weapon. You may punch with your shields as if they were melee weapons.

Hardened Solider:
You are immune to stuns, fears, and sleep attacks

Dexterity is your primary stat, you may use your dexterity bonus in lieu of strength for combat rolls.

Tuck & Roll:
You may move freely through the battlefield without triggering attacks of opportunity. (This does not apply to being ambushed or attacked from stealth.)

Never Back Down:
You passively regenerate 10% of your maximum health per turn

You gain +5 to all block rolls.

Free Action:

Throw a small shield at an enemy, after it hits them it will bounce back and return to you.

Punch the target in the face with the edge of your shield.


Throw a small shield up to 10 yards. It will bounce off the target and fly up to 5 additional yards to hit another enemy. Your shields may continue to bounce, however subsequent bounces will never travel more than 5 yards, you may not hit the same target more than once, and you must retrieve your shield when it stops moving.

Swing your shield in a wide arc, hitting anyone in a 180* cone in front of you.

Get Behind Me:
Conjure a shield wall in front of you, 3 yards wide. You protect any party members who stand behind you and absorb any splash damage.

Heaven's Shield:
Conjure a magical shield at a target location, 2 squares wide and 3 squares tall for 1 round. It has D10 block value before dissipating.