Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

*This is quest is optimized for a fresh campaign or to establish reputation with a new faction.

In the Land of Rost, a large valley is nestled between the peaks of the Oseram mountains. It is the 26th year of our High Matriarch Teersa, blessed be her name. The tribe of Sobec is a ritualistic group led by a chosen warrior (or prophet as in this case), who strengthens the tribe by unifying them around a centralized way of life. Today our journey starts as you partake in their glorious annual ceremony, The Proving.  Where they test your worth to judge if you have the strength to stand alone and serve a purpose greater than yourself - that of the Tribe. If you succeed, then you will become one the Tribe. If you fail, then you will become an Outcast, doomed to wander the wasteland alone like the faithless Old Ones, who turned their backs on the Goddess. Their wickedness doomed them, yet to us were left the splendors of creation. Beasts of air, water, earth, and steel. You must learn to be humble and respect their power. Now go forth and prove that you are worth of the Tribe of Sobec.

The Proving starts in a shallow valley, near the heart of Rost territory along the northern ridge of the Oseram mountains. Your first task is to kill and carve a Grove Warden, to prove your ability to hunt and provide for our Tribe. Be warned, they are fearsome creatures when angered - do not try to take them all on at once, instead try to isolate ones from the heard. You are each required to bring one back.

Grove Warden

Next, you must carry your prize to the crest of the mountain. Your journey will be perilous, this proves you are determined to overcome whatever trials you may encounter. Players will encounter the Ambominable Greench near the pinnacle of the mountain.

*The entrance to its cave is littered with bones. It is drawn out as they approach as it smells their food. They can fight, or distract it with one of their trophies for D10 rounds.

The Abominable Greench

As you finish your climb you are greeted by Braves and Matriarchs alike. Half of the village has turned out to watch you succeed and greet you warmly upon cresting the summit. Matriarch Teersa congratulates you herself as you present your offering.

“This day is one of celebration, as we welcome you with open arms. Younglings/Strangers no more, you may take your rightful place of Honor within the Tribe, and begin a new journey of self discovery. Tomorrow, you will decide your Path; but tonight we Feast to your accomplishments!”

*Tribal Armor or Weapons would be an appropriate reward.
*Followup Story Arc: Set out within the Lands of Rost, in order to discover the ancient history of these people.