Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

The Immolator is a cursed being, full of pain and malice ... and fire. Once human, he is now doomed to roam the earth, sufferring in his eternal torment. Immolators are consumed by an ever-burning hated of the living. Their curse replaced their blood with a special type of liquid hell-fire, which combusts when it comes in contact with the air.

Immolators are ever-burning from the cracks in their skin where their blood alights. Touching them spreads the firey liquid to anything in its immediate proximity. Attacking them in such a way that causes their skin to crack or break open causes a terrible explosion in all directions, enraging the monster, doubling its attack and movement speed.

Bludgeoning damage is recommended. Piercing or slashing damage of any type will cause it to explode and enrage.

Its melee damage is 1D6 per strike. When enraged it will strike twice per turn.
It's fire damage is 1D6 for D6 turns. Touching or being hit by the Immolator applies a burning debuff to the player. Subsequent applications of the debuff refreshes the duration to maximum rather than stacking.

The enrage explosion deals D10 fire damage and anyone caught in the blast takes the burning debuff for the maximum duration.

Its default movement speed is 10, and doubles to 20 when enraged.

It is immune to fire damage, so the enraging explosion does not affect it. It will burn through any ice or flammable root attacks within 2 turns. It is immune to stuns for being undead. It is immune to blinds because it does not have eyes.