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As you walk through the forest you hear an ear-splitting explosion. Running to investigate, you a giant wolf standing on two legs and laughing as debris and body parts rain down all around him. He just blew up a stone cottage.

*His Backstory: Leon is the village elder for his Pack. They have been living in this section of the forest for over 200 years. Lately these pigs have been encroaching on his Pack's land, turning their hunting grounds into fields and farms as they clear timber and build houses, expanding their region. Their cities are full and overdeveloped, so now they push outwards. He is all that stands in the way of their progress, but without his resistance his Pack eventually have nowhere to go. The Wicked Witch of the West refuses to get involved in local issues. So there is no larger governing body to turn to. He is a lumberjack by trade.

Quest Hub

Upon agreeing to join Leon against the encroaching nation of HogsMead, he opens his village to you where you have access to most Vendors, an Inn, and protection from his NightStalkers.

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