Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Extremely mobile and versatile, Bards excel at utility. They can AoE damage and heal without drawing too much attention to themselves. They can lock enemies down or knock them out of the way. They excel both in combat and role play.


Class Proficiencies:
This class wears cloth or leather, they use all of the primary stats in different ways empowering their vast array of abilities. They do not use traditional weapons, but instead carry a wide variety of instruments that they use in combat.

Rock Star:
Your are awesome and most enemies will not target you while you are playing music. Does not apply to bosses or mini-bosses.

Crowd Surfer:
You do not take attacks of opportunity from moving adjacent to enemies.

Death Metal:
Landing a killing blow with one of your Bard Abilities grants you one die size higher on all Bard Spells, Abilities, & Basic Attacks for the rest of the fight. This effect stacks up to a D20.

Allows you to throw your voice, do impressions, accents, be extremely loud or very quiet while still audible to select targets.

You may use your instruments as medium weapons. Your string instruments are D6 + Agility for ranged attacks up to half your movement bonus, and all other instruments are D6 + Brawn Melee damage. Your basic ranged attacks may also fire Special Ammo types and payloads including but not limited to: ammo, arrows, vials & shot. You may not dual wield instruments in any fashion. Switching instrument types does not consume any of your actions.

Free Action:

Power Slide: D4 + Brawn | Movement + Area of Effect + Knock-back
Slide to a location up to 5 squares away. Deal D4 damage to anyone you hit, knocking them 1 adjacent square.

Face Melt: D4 + Magic | Area of Effect
Jam out and melt the faces of all enemies within 5 squares. They may not cast spells or hear anything else for 1 round.

Lyre Solo: D4 + Magic | Area of Effect + Healing
Shred on your stringed instrument of choice and heal yourself and any allies within two adjacent squares of you for D4.

Reuse any single ability as a free action. You may only use this once per day.

Eye of the Tiger: +D6 Damage Bonus | Lasts D4 rounds
Psych up yourself or an ally. You deal +D6 extra melee damage for D4 rounds. Usable once per day.

Captivate:  Crowd Control
Draw the attention of a crowd for D4 rounds within 12 squares, allowing your party to slip by unnoticed. Enemies receive an opportunity to resist or grow bored each round.  Does not work during combat. Does not work on bosses.

Soothing Melody:
Decrease all hostile intentions and emotions on enemies who are not yet engaged in active combat. Some characters may be immune.


Power Chord: D4 or D6 Damage Buff | Lasts D4 Rounds
Any allies within 5 squares of you receive +D6 damage bonus for D4 rounds. All other allies receive +D4 damage bonus for the same duration.

Show Stopper: Crowd Control
Enemies stop what they are doing and admire your charisma for 1 round. They may continue to roll defensively but take a -2 penalty.

Stage Dive: D6 + Agility | Area of Effect Damage
Leap into the air landing anywhere within 5 squares dealing D6 damage to anyone within one adjacent square.

Mosh Pit: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect + Crowd Control
Everyone within 5 squares runs to the nearest target to them and smashes themselves together, dealing D6 damage to each other. This effect triggers on their turn even if they have moved away from you.

Cause A Row: Crowd Control
Whip up enemies into a frenzy, they do an additional D6 damage for D4 rounds but have a 25% chance to attack each other instead. Does not work on bosses.

Piccolo of the Dancing Flame: Crowd Control | D4 rounds
Play and any enemies within 10 squares will burst into dance for D4 rounds. Any damage will break the effect.

Put any enemies within 10 squares to sleep for D4 rounds.

Chatanooga Choo-Choo: +25% Basic Melee Bonus | Single Target Buff
Casting this ability on yourself or another player makes them an unstoppable moving force that knocks over everything in their path. Lasts until the target has traveled 25 squares at their normal movement speed. They do not take attacks of opportunity during this time, they may only use basic melee attacks but hit 25% harder.

Highland Yodeling: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage | Debuff
High pitch yodeling ruptures the eardrums of all enemies within 5 squares. Failing their defensive roll makes them take D6 damage and they are now deaf, giving allies +5 on their "To Hit" rolls when flanking.

El Cabong:
Single Target Stun | D4 rounds
Hit an enemy with your guitar to knock them unconscious. Lasts D4 rounds.