Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Striking from the shadows, cheating death, and dodging just out of reach. This is the stock and trade of a subtlety rogue. Exclusively single target fighters, they excel at dropping in and out of combat and using stealth to keep themselves safe.


While stealth is active your move twice as fast and your abilities deal double damage.

If you do not attack or take damage for two consecutive turns then you naturally blend back into the shadows, gaining stealth.

Cheat Death:
Any attack that would render you unconscious instead brings you back to half health. Usable only once per day.

Soothing Darkness:
You regenerate your Constitution bonus as health per turn while stealth is active.

Night Terrors:
You take half damage while in stealth.

Prey on the Weak:
You deal double damage to any enemies affected by negative effects.

Dark Shadow:
While in stealth, you can create a non-moving, non-functional illusion of yourself to distract enemies. Only one may be active at a time - any damage will destroy the illusion.

Free Action:

Conceals you in the shadows until cancelled or you attack. Allowing you to stalk enemies within melee range without being seen. May only be activated while outside of combat or observation.

Call upon your power to vanish from sight, entering stealth immediately regardless of circumstances. Upon gaining stealth regular rules apply.

Symbol of Death:
Invoke the ancient symbol of death dealing double damage for the next (D4) turns.

Find Weakness:
Peer into the depths of their soul to learn their fears and secrets.

Marked For Death:
Your target takes double damage from all sources for (D4) rounds.


Shadow Blades: D4
Throw two blades of piercing darkness that always find their target. Bypasses armor.

Shadow Strike:
Meld into the shadows and appear behind your target, striking them in the back. May not be used consecutively.

Enveloping Shadows:
Surround a target with darkness, obscuring their vision and limiting them to melee attacks for (D4) rounds. If present within the darkness you gain the benefits as if you were in stealth.