Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

These fighters are melee brawlers who specialize in their use of the Kunai and limited fire magics. Their unholy pact with the entities who empower them grant an everlasting state of undeath, allowing them to be continually resurrected as long as their skull survives.


Eternal Hatred:
Upon dying, your soul is trapped within your skull, which stays lit with hellfire. It deals continuous D8 damage to whoever holds it, but you may be brought back to life with the proper ritual.

Every time you land a killing blow you gain a stack of Brutality that you may spend on an enemy. Stacks are lost at the end of the fight.

If an opponent is below 10% of their maximum hit points you may use a Fatality.

Burning Vengeance: D6
Burn for D6 damage per round. All adjacent enemies also take this damage. Activate and cancel at will.

Hand to Hand:
Your unarmed strikes deal D4 damage by default. You may add Dexterity or Strength as your modifier.

Armor Proficiency:
You may wear cloth or leather armor.

Free Action:

Grab and throw your opponent into the air, enabling you to perform certain combos. Requires the appropriate strength check. Enemies who have been Launched may not dodge while in the air.

Spear: D4
Throw a kunai on a metal chain at an opponent. If it hits, it deals D4 piercing damage, and allows you to pull them to you into. Combo: If you yell "Get Over Here" and sacrifice your movement or ability for a second free action, you may perform an uppercut for an additional D6 damage, Launching them. Upon landing they are prone.

Teleport: D6
Launch yourself into a flying kick and appear behind your opponent. You kick them in the back for D6 damage. You may teleport up to 20 squares. This does not count against your movement. Combo: If you follow this up with a Launcher you gain a free cast of Juggle while they are in the air.

Teleport Back:
Teleport backwards in a straight line up to 10 squares. You may use this as a defensive roll if you have an available free action.

Backflip: D6
Backflip, kicking your opponent in the face and landing 2 squares back. Interrupts any spellcasting.

Fireball: D6
Throw a fireball up to 10 squares for D6 damage. Combo: If you throw two fireballs this turn they are both D8 damage.

Slide across the ground and sweep the legs out from under your opponent, knocking them prone.


Double Spear: D6
Throw out a kunai from each hand, both are attached to metal chains. They deal D4 piercing damage each or D6 piercing damage total. If used on seperate targets you may pull them both to you. If both are used on the same target then they are also stunned for D4 rounds.

Flame Spear: D6 + D4
Throw two flaming kunai into an opponent. Deals D6 piercing damage, and an additional D4 fire damage.

After Image: D8
Summon a ashen copy of yourself to teleport kick an enemy of your choice. It fragments on contact with your opponent. Combo: Enemy is also knocked prone if they have been Launched this turn.

Grievance: 2D4 + D6
Pull out a kunai and slash your target across the chest twice, followed by an uppercut. They get two dodge rolls, one for the cut attack and one for the uppercut. On successful uppercut they are knocked back 1 square and prone. Each slash is D4 slicing damage, and the uppercut is D6 physical damage.

Hammerfist: D8 + D4
Entwine your fingers and set your fists ablaze. Swing and hit your opponent for D8 physical damage with an additional D4 fire damage.

GraveDigger: D6
Summon a ghoul to reach up out of the ground and grab an enemy. The ghoul lights themselves on fire and burns your enemy for D6 damage and holds them in place for D4 rounds. Enemy continues to take fire damage for the duration. Combo: You may cause the ghoul to explode for an additional D10 damage, but you may not use this ability again for the rest of the day.

Spinning Dash: D6
Launching yourself into a spinning thrust, flying up to 5 squares and hitting an enemy square in the chest for D6 damage and knocking them back. Combo: If you follow this up with a successful Launcher, you also gain a free cast of Flame Spear while they are in the air.

Juggle: D4 (Requires a target to be Launched)
Hit an opponent for D4 damage. You may continue to hit them as long as your next D20 roll is higher than your last. If at any point you roll a natural 20, you hit them 6 additional times and end the Juggle.

Hellfire Ball: D10
Charge this ability up for 1 round, then launch a hellfire ball at an opponent. They take D10 damage and burn for an additional D6 over D4 turns.

Downfall: D8
Spin and unsheath your sword, to perform a horizontal slicing attack at an enemy's legs. They take D8 damage and are knocked prone.

Doom Blade: D6
Pull out your sword and perform a slicing uppercut with it. Your opponent takes D6 damage and is Launched.

Hell Fire: D6
Cause a gout of Hellfire to erupt from the ground, trapping an enemy and burning them for D6 damage per round you channel it.

Flame Aura:
Surround yourself in Hellfire for D6 turns, causing your unarmed melee attacks to deal an additional D6 damage per hit.

Disarm your opponent by cutting their arms off. They take 10% of your maximum HP as damage per stack of Brutality you spend. Does not work on Bosses.

Throw your kunai at the enemy's head and pierce it, jerking them towards you. You follow up with a slice at their head with your sword. If they fail their defensive roll the fatality will kill them. Does not work on Bosses.