Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Royal Assassins are quick, lithe combatants. Rather than focus on raw power, they specialize in highly mobile, consecutive attacks. With modest range and the ability to lock down opponents, they are fearsome duelists.


Class Proficiencies:
You exclusively dual wield fan blades, dealing D4 damage for each. You may use Agility as your combat modifier. This class only wears cloth armor.

Regal Assault: D4 + Agility | Single Target Damage
You may (basic) attack once with each fan as a free action.

Rising Power:
Continuing to basic attack the same opponent grants one extra free cast of Regal Assault every other round.

Every time you land a killing blow you gain a stack of Brutality that you may spend on an enemy. Stacks are lost at the end of the fight.

If an opponent is below 10% of their maximum hit points you may use a Fatality.

Free Action:

Grab and throw your opponent into the air, enabling you to perform certain combos. Requires the appropriate Brawn check. Enemies who have been Launched may not roll defensively while in the air.

Rising Fan: D4 + Agility | Single Target Damage
Slice an enemy in a rising uppercut, Launching them into the air. Combo: Using this ability consecutively on the same turn increases the damage by one die size per attack on subsequent uses.

Fan Throw: D4 + Agility | Single Target Damage
Throw your fans like a buzzsaw up to 5 yards. You may chose the same or different targets for each Fan. Combo: If your opponent is Launched they land on the Fans driving them deeper, dealing an additional D6 damage each.


Flying Strike: D6 + Agility | Single Target Damage
Open your fans on either side of your body and bring them together, explosively launching you up to 5 yards in a flying strike. Hitting your opponent knocks them prone.

Circle your fans in a swirling motion, generating a miniature whirlwind, picking up an opponent within 3 yards and Launching them into the air for 1 round.

Bounce Back:
Forgo combat and instead focus on defense. Spin around quickly reflecting any magic or mundane projectiles back to their owner for one round.

Edenian Dance: D6 + Agility | Single Target Damage
Generate a small whirlwind and travel across the battlefield up to 5 squares, spin kicking an enemy up to three times for D6 damage each. This does not count against your movement.

Slice & Dice: D6 + Agility | Single Target Damage
Perform a spinning flip, allowing you to reach enemies up to 5 squares away, and empowering your Fan Attack to deal D6 damage.

Face Smash: D6 + Agility | Single Target Damage + Prone + Stun
Grab an enemy by the head and smash their face on your knee. Dealing D6 damage and knocking them backwards, stunned and prone for 1 additional round.

Staff Grab:
Extend a magic staff and hit an enemy in the stomache with it, lifting them off the ground. Stab the staff into the floor and they are pinned in the air for 1 round. Combo: This counts as a Launch.

Glaive Throw: D6 + Agility | Area of Effect
Throw a Glaive through the air dealing D6 damage to anyone it hits. It will continue to bounce to new enemies as long as they are within 5 squares of each other. Initial throw may travel up to 10 squares.

Death From Above: D4 + Agility (x2) | Single Target Damage
Run up any enemy or ally to launch yourself into the air, dropping down on an enemy within 5 squares and stabbing them in the neck with your fan blades. Enemy takes D4 damage for each dagger and they may not take any additional actions until they remove them.

Launch your opponent into the air and spin your Fan Blades into them like buzzsaws on the way down. They take 10% of your maximum HP as damage per stack of Brutality you spend. Does not work on Bosses.

Jump on an enemy and wrap your legs around their waist. Using both Fan Blades simultaneously, you decapitate them. If they fail their defensive roll the fatality will kill them. Does not work on Bosses.