Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

A healer first and foremost, Restoration Mages also provide utility to their party. These healers primarily cast healing over time effects, allowing them to protect the entire group on-going - providing greater support when the party is taking heavy AoE damage.


Any heal over time effects you cast on yourself do not expire until you are at full health.

When healing someone below half health your healing spell is doubled.

Inner Peace:
If you only casted healing spells last turn you gain an extra free action this turn.

Living Seed:
Whenever you crit heal a target, they gain a living seed. Living seed lasts until used or the end of combat. While holding a living seed, the next attack that player takes causes it to bloom and heal then D6 over D6 rounds.

Nature’s Guardian:
While outdoors you roll an extra D4 when healing.

Free Action:

Nature Ward:
Protect a friendly target with a Nature Ward. The next attack is absorbed by the ward, at which point it is removed.

Instantly heal yourself for 10% of your maximum health. This is usable once per day.

Soul of the Forest:
Your next Heal over Time effect has its entire amount applied to the target instantly.

Extend the next heal over time effect by D6 rounds

Cause your next heal over time effect to jump to a second target within melee range of the first.

You may cast an additional healing spell / ability if you sacrifice your movement each turn for the next D4 rounds.

Reduces damage you take by 20% for D6 turns.

Dispel any enrage effects on a target.

Put an enemy beast or animal to sleep for D6 rounds. Any damage they take interrupts this effect.

Nature’s Cure:
Remove all magic, curse, and poison effects from a friendly target. Usable once per fight.


Tree of Life:
Plant roots and transform into a life-giving tree. You may not move, or take any additional actions other than healing for D6 turns. However, your healing effects are doubled and you gain 100 armor.

Heal D10 for D4 rounds. This may not be active on more than one target at a time.

Wild Growth:
Heal D6 for D6 rounds. This may be active on multiple targets at the same time.

Heal a target for D20. This has a D4 round cooldown.

Heal D4 for D4 rounds. When this spell expires heal for the entire amount instantly. This may not be active on more than one target at a time.

Heal a target for D10 instantly and an additional D4 for D4 rounds.

Create a 5 x 5 square area of healing. Anyone who stands inside it takes D6 healing on their turn. Lasts D6 rounds.

Instantly resurrects a party member with half health. Useable in combat once per day.

Channel a healing spell for D4 turns. You may not take any other actions during this time but you may continue moving. Heal friendly targets for D8 per round.