Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

An immovable wall of armor. Protection warriors protect and buff their party throughout the fight. While limited in offensive capabilities, they posses both AoE and ranged attacks that can be used in a pinch.


Class Proficiencies:
This class always uses a one handed weapon and a Heavy or Medium Shield. It always wears Plate armor, and uses Brawn for Abilities.

Hardened from constant battle, your Natural Armor is 25% of your total armor and refreshes outside of combat.

You may go negative 150% of your maximum hit points before dying.

Ignore Pain:
Fight until you drop dead. You do not go unconscious at zero hit points.

Spell Reflection:
You may block and parry magic projectiles in the form of Spell Reflect as if they were any other attack.

Force an enemy to target you for D4 rounds. This may be used at will on your turn but only one one enemy at a time. It has limited effect on bosses and mini-bosses.

Victory Rush:
Landing a killing blow heals you 20% of your maximum health.

Into the Fray:
You gain a 5% damage bonus per enemy within melee range.

You deal 10% bonus damage when attacking someone who hit an ally instead of your last round.

Choose an ally 50% of the damage they take is transferred to you as long as they are in melee range. You may turn this ability on and off at will.

Rumbling Earth:
If Shockwave or Thunderclap hits at least 3 enemies it casts a second time for free.

Free Action:

Shield Slam: D6 + Brawn | Single Target Melee
Slam the target with your shield causes D6 damage. They may not block or parry this attack.

Revenge: D8 + Brawn | Single Target Melee
Hit an enemy for D8 damage. Only usable on an enemy who hit you this round or last.

Demoralizing Shout: Area of Effect Debuff
Demoralize all enemies within 10 sqaures, causing them to deal 25% less damage to your and your allies for D4 rounds. Usable once per fight.

Heroic Throw: Weapon Damage + Brawn | Ranged Single Target
Throw your weapon up to 5 sqaures at an enemy target. You must retrieve it.

Sprint towards an ally and intercept all incoming attacks they take this round.

Thunder Clap: D6+Brawn | Area of Effect Damage
Blast all enemies within 5 squares for D6 damage.

Pummel: Interrupt
Hit an opponent, interrupting and ranged attacks or spell casting for D4 rounds.


Devastate: D8 + Brawn | Single Target Melee
Deal a devastating blow to an opponent who is below 50% health.

Shield Block: Block
Choose and ally within melee range and raise your shield, protecting them from all incoming attacks for 1 round.

Last Stand: Heal + Buff
Increase your maximum hit points by 25% for D6 rounds. You also instantly heal for that amount.

Shield Wall:  Damage Reducaiton | Area of Effect
Reduce the damage you and your allies (within melee range) take by 50% for D6 rounds.

Shockwave: D6 + Brawn | Area of Effect
Send a wave of force out in a frontal cone, hitting all enemies within 5 squares for D6 damage and knocking them prone.

Intimidating Shout: Area of Effect | Crowd Control
Cause all enemies within 10 squares to cower or flee from fear for D4 rounds. Any damage will interrupt this effect.

Rally Cry: Area of Effect Buff
Grant your party a health boost of 10% of their maximum.

Battle Shout: Area of Effect Buff
Increase the damage of your party by 10% for D4 rounds.

Berserker Rage: Buff
Go berserk, removing and granting immunity to mobility debuffs and crowd control effects for D4 rounds.