Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

As the name would suggest, Poison Knights are fearsome brawlers who excel in Damage Over Time effects and area of denial attacks. They may dual wield, use 2 handers, or a sword and shield to devastating effect when combined with some of their passive abilities.


Trials of the Wild:
You are immune to all types of poison, disease, & decay effects.

Plague Slinger:
You can craft and throw poison bombs up to 10 yards.

Master Poisoner:
You can coat weapons and traps of various types with most of your poisons to devastating effect.

Controlled Fury:
Burn with a white-hot rage. Spend your health points as damage, empowering your next attack.

As long as you moved at least 5 yards last turn and hit an enemy with melee, you deal an additional D10 worth of damage this turn upon a successful melee attack.

Undaunted Mettle:
If an ally goes unconscious or dies, you gain a 25% health and damage bonus for the rest of the fight.

Crushing Counterstrike:
Upon successful parry, your counterattack deals an additional two D6 damage.

Stubborn Fighter:
You may go half your negative health points before going unconscious.

Death to Cowards:
You may charge and attack any enemy that runs away from you as a free action.

Vigilant Protector:
As long as you are within 5 yards of an ally you may absorb 50% of the damage they receive.

Armor Mastery:
You take no movement penalties from plate armor, shields, or great weapons.

Free Action:

Crippling Poison:
Coat your weapon in a non-leathal dose of poison. Slow enemies that you attack by 50% for D6 rounds. Additional attacks refresh this duration.

Black Vein Poison:
Coat your weapon in this subtle poison. If not cured, the damage it produces increases by one die size every two turns, up to a D10.

Feverish Poison:
This reddish-brown poison is comprised of a sticky paste that causes enemies to burn from within. The toxin may be smeared upon objects or solid surfaces and seeps into the pores upon contact. After 1 turn it does D8 fire damage for D4 turns. This poison burns away any others in the body.

Serpent's Kiss:
This poison may be ingested or applied through cuts by a bladed weapon. Deals D6 damage for D4 turns.

Dust of the Desert Winds:
This poison is created from grinding up a rare mushroom found in remote caves. It immediately begins leaching all of the moisture from a victim’s body. It deals D6 damage for D4 turns and slows the target by half for that duration.

Ghost Blossom Extract:
When applied, this poison does D8 damage for D2 turns. It has diminishing returns by one die size per re-application.

Tears of the Infernal:
This oily poison dissolves organic material upon contact. It’s highly acidic and deals D6 damage until the target dies.

This poison is harvested from a special type of jellyfish found off the southern coast. It reduces the potential of spellcasters by one die size for D4 rounds and does not stack.


Noxious Breath:
Take a draught of one of your liquid poisons and sprew it in an arch in front of you, covering all enemies in a 5 yard cone. Optionally you might set most of these alight with fire.

Rending Slashes:
Slice an enemy causing deep lacerations. Rending them for D6 bleed damage over D4 turns.

Deal a devastating overhead two handed strike, dealing D20 damage to your opponent. They are knocked prone and stunned. You may not roll defensively for one round. You may not use this ability consecutively.

Corrosive Armor:
Splash a corrosive poison on an enemy, they burn for D10 damage over 2 turns and lose 25% of their armor at the end of that duration.

Scatter a number of caltrops over a 5 square cone in front of you. These may be poisoned. Enemies who enter this area bleed for D4 damage over D4 turns. Every turn they remain in this area the duration is refreshed.

Bear Trap:
Throw a bear trap up to 5 squares away. Enemies who are hit by the bear trap or step on it take D12 damage and are locked in place until they disarm it. Enemies have a 50% chance to disarm each round.