Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Outlaw Rogues have decent mobility while managing resources in order to stack additional attacks. They are as fun to play as they are to watch.


Class Proficiency:
This class wears Leather or Cloth. It dual wields a small or medium blade weapon and a muzzle-loader pistol. Using a small blade allows Reload to take 1 round. Using a medium blade causes Reload to take 2 rounds. It uses Agility as its primary stat.

Quick Reload:
Immediately Reload your weapon for free.

Combo Points:
Earn and spend these in order to empower your attacks. You may store a maximum of ten. They are lost at the end of combat.

Whenever an enemy is stunned, rooted, blinded, snared, or otherwise crowd controlled you may Quick Reload and shoot them as a Free Action.

You are concealed in the shadows until you attack. You start every fight in Stealth automatically. You may not reactivate this ability while in combat.

Your killing blows generate 2 combo points.

Hit & Run:
You gain a 10% movement bonus for D4 rounds when hitting a different enemy than last round. This effect is refreshed every time you hit a new enemy and stacks up to 5 times.

Acrobatic Strikes:
You gain +1 reach with all melee weapons.

Cheat Death:
Any blow that would bring you to zero hit points instead brings you to 10% of your maximum. This may not occur more than once per day.

Iron Stomach:
You gain a 20% bonus from healing potions. You are immune to ingesting poisons of any type.

Free Action:

Shots Fired: D6 + Agility | Single Target Ranged Attack
Shoot your pistol at an enemy up to 8 squares away for D6 damage.

Adrenaline Rush:
Earn an extra Free Action per turn for the next D4 rounds.

Ambush: Weapon Damage + Weapon Damage + Agility | Single Target Damage
Ambush the target dealing an additional die worth of damage. Only usable while in Stealth or on Blinded opponents.

Grappling Hook:
Instantly move up to 10 squares, you take no attacks of opportunity. May not be used more than once per round.

Marked for Death:
Mark a target, you deal 10% increased damage to them for D4 rounds. If they die during this window you gain 5 combo points.

Blinding Powder:
Throw this mixture into the eyes of your enemy up to 5 squares away. Blind them for D4 rounds.

Basic Attacks:

Sinister Strike: Weapon Damage + Agility | Single Target Melee
Viciously attack an enemy for melee weapon damage. Has a 25% chance to proc Quick Reload.

Dispatch: Incremental Weapon Damage + Agility
Increase the die size of either weapon for this attack by one per combo point you spend, up to a D20. If the enemy dies from this attack your combo points are refunded.

Blade Flurry:
Spend five combo points and your melee attacks hit everyone within range for the next D4 rounds.

Forgo combat this turn to gain +6 to defensive rolls for one round.


Roll the Bones:
Roll a D4 and earn that many combo points.