Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns


The world is filled with amazing creatures. From your consciousness, the goddess Ceridwen established life on this planet through the growth of the World Seed approximately 150 years ago. They were born as you are now, fully formed full of thought, desires, and consciousness. Since then they have learned on their own, establishing communities, built towns and cities, and evolved in each their own way. This bestiary outlines each of the races in New Eden, and should serve as a guide for those you may encounter in the world.

This is a continuing work in progress and will grow and evolve over time.


The centaurs are a race of half-elven, half-horse creatures that roam the world in tight-knit Clans. They are masters of ranged, melee, and magic alike, sharing the nature affinities of the elves. They are very stoic in nature, and while they view most of the other races equally, they are a very proud and private race that larges keeps to themselves.


Dragons are legendary creatures who wield the magical power of the elements. Younger Drakes are sometimes used as mounts. Dragons can be found in harsh, forlorn areas such as caves, mountains, deserts, deep forests, and the sea. They sleep for long periods of time but can be summoned, called, or otherwise roused in specific circumstances. While some dragons are simply another type of creature, others rival demi-gods and wield extraordinary powers such as the Eternal Shenron, the Wish Dragon of Fate.


Dryads are a race of tree spirits that watch over and protect Groves of trees. They are exceptionally shy, supernaturally long- lived, and typically tied geographically to their Grove.


Dwarves are human-shaped creatures that dwell within the earth. Marvelous artisans, they are highly skilled tradesmen in almost every profession. They are long lived, quick tempered, and highly prejudiced against other races. For this reason they are largely disliked.


Ents are magical beings of nature that resemble talking trees. Sometimes humanoid in nature, other times not, they are shepherds and guardians of the forests. Gentle in nature, they do not suffer those who do harm or interrupt the natural order of things.


Elementals are manifestations of the magics in the world. While usually chaotic, they come in many different forms including humanoid, animal, and formless. They serve different purposes and have different alignments depending upon the elements they embody. While typically monochromatic, some elements have hybrid forms.


Elves are supernatural beings with supernatural beauty, ambivalence towards other races. They view their purpose to refine the capabilities of their race without disturbing the natural order around them. They live long lives, mate for life,  and stay abreast of their neighbors without interfering.


Beings of human appearance, they are prodigious in size and strength. Primeval creatures associated with chaos and the wilds of nature, they are typically simple and friendly, though easily driven into an uncontrollable rage.


A race of hyena people, they are extremely aggressive, averaging around seven feet tall. They are known for their pack-like mentality and raiding parties. Primitive nomads, they wander constantly on the lookout for their next opportunity to pillage and plunder. Their martial success is hampered by their tendency to squabble over trivial matters.


Monstrous creatures of varying sizes, they boast conflicting abilities, temperaments, and appearances depending upon their region of origin. They are almost always grotesque, mischievous, malicious, and greedy - especially for gold and jewelry.


A magical construct made of inert matter, animated through the use of powerful spells. Golems can be created, but also occasionally appear naturally in the world. The main differentiating aspect of golems from one another is the material from which it is built, influencing their powers & abilities, behavior, and temperament.


Diminutive, intelligent, and inquisitive gnomes excel in both the arcane and mechanical arts. Gnomes have a notorious rivalry with goblins and dwarves, since they are like-minded craftsmen.


Humanoid birds of prey with long talons for feet and large graceful wings for arms. There are many variations of harpies that are more or less humanoid depending upon their region. Almost all of them are wielders of Magic in some shape or form. While living as part of a larger Brood, Harpies tend to stay in small groups during the day, only coming to roost at night.


A mischievous monkey-like race, they are short-lived and full of passion. Playful and immature, they study and combine different forms of martial and magic combat in order to best fight amongst themselves.


A race of lizard men who are deeply connected to the land's waterways. They are a spiritual race, worshipping different versions of gods of their own devising. They are ruthless and cunning, but highly adaptive and calculating.


An insect race that varies by region, they typically live in a Hive serving an Empress, but are fully autonomous in their thoughts and actions. Typically martial, only the Elite of this race study Magic. They are largely heartless, with their primary drive to support the Hive and serve the Empress.


Amphibious bipeds that dwell along the coastlines. They are intelligent enough to form societies and tribes, some even forming their own faith-based systems. Some resemble frogs while others resemble fish, they have their own spoken language and dialects. They improve through imitation, rarely forming their own ideas.


Mutated snake-like creatures with tails in place of legs, boasting other serpentine features such as scales and fins. The females are slimmer by comparison, wielding destructive and healing magics rather than martial weapons of their male counterparts. They are fairly aggressive, intelligent, and subscribe to a caste system of leadership.


An subterranean race of spider-like creatures, they build sprawling empires underneath the ground. They typically all wield some form of magic, and engage in unique trap-based combat styles when threatened. While not overly hostile, their unending drive to feed and expand consumes all else. Rarely seen above ground, they aren't deemed as a threat  to most of the other races. The exception being Dwarves and Gnomes who must remain vigilant to not delve too far and risk crossing paths with them.


Ogre society is clan-based, with ogre clans erecting mounds and generally avoiding contact with outsiders, save for retribution based raids. Within the clans, the hierarchy is largely based on physical size and strength - however the rare ogre who can use Magic is held in a place of great honor and influence. If an outsider defeats the current leader of a clan, they are often deemed the new leader partially out of fear of being killed as well.


Orcs are muscular humanoids with large tusk-like fangs. They value personal honor and their Clan above all else. They enjoy the rush of exhilaration of battle. Most are highly proficient warriors, but some are shamanistic leaders who practice various forms of Magic.


A race of pandas, they range from true neutral to lawful good in nature. They are highly interpersonal, understanding, wise, intelligent, and competitive. They infuse magics into everything they use including their combat styles. They are detailed artisans, though humble in their craft and possessions. Their competitive nature is only rivaled by their desire for new and exotic tastes.


A strong and proud people, this race is comprised of various species of cat-people. They are a stoic race of wanderers; few in number, they tend to stray from each other on their individual journeys of self discovery. Instead, they choose to make their homes among other races as they continue to learn, ever-seeking further enlightenment.


The tauren are a proud and tenacious race with bull-like features and a culture that is very similar to a stylized Native American culture. They are, for the most part, druidic, shamanistic, peaceful, and powerful beings. Some species of this race more resemble moose or bison, but all of them share a common affinity for their Tribe, Culture, and Nature.


A race of humanoid turtles commonly found on the coasts, they are a passive and quiet race that actively avoid others. Little is known about these creatures due to their withdrawn nature. It is said that they have been seen practicing combat in the wilderness - but given their proportions and docile nature it would seem unlikely.


A jovial race of walruses, Tuskarr are a friendly, self-sufficient race found in the fringes of the arctics. Due to the extreme nature of their ecosystem, they live largely in isolation. Few Tuskarr leave their homeland to travel the world, but those who do are remembered for their unwavering dedication to their cause, whatever it may be.


Trolls are considered at the forefront of modern civilization. They are a vast and diverse race who worship animal spirits, practice voodoo and shamanism. Their Empires are cultivated through cultivation & construction rather than brute force. While vicious opponents, they try to live in harmony with other races that respect and share their ideals. When provoked, their violent attitudes flare to life quickly. Similar in more ways than they care to admit, they have a deep seated hatred for the elves (who share their side of the feud).


A race of foxes and wolves, they tend to be quite skittish by nature, though friendly enough once you take time to earn their trust. They are quick, nimble, capable fighters and casters who have trouble staying on task and on track for long periods of time. They are easily influenced, reliable, and rare enough that it is always a surprise to meet one, even though they be found anywhere.