Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

This class is hardy, resourceful, and extremely useful to have around. They are indispensable outdoors, and offer healing, utility, crowd control, and direct damage equally.


One With Nature
You are immune to poison and nature magic based attacks. You can immediately identify the properties of any plant, animal, nature based magic, or natural poison.

When outdoors, automatically blend into your surrounds and gain stealth until you attack or move.

Herb Mastery:
See, know, and gather with a 100% bonus to herbalism

*Take 20* to summon an earth gate, taking you anywhere you have already been.

Nature Awareness:
You gain 100% bonus to perception checks outdoors.

Resist The Elements:
You take 50% less damage from natural magics

Change the properties of nature, transmute natural elements between states and types.

Water Walking:
Glide across the water, barely making a ripple. Only usable on yourself

Path Finding:
Track anything outdoors with ease.

Change Terrain:
Call upon the forces of nature to shape the landscape to your will. Raise or lower the ground, break the ground, shatter stone, still the tide, and shape the flow of water around you.

Earth Lore:
Speak to the world around you and hear its story.

Free Action:

Healing Touch:
Your touch exudes life energy through nature magic. Heal D6 + Int to an ally when you touch them

Death’s Touch:
Your touch poisons enemies that you touch. Deal D6 poison damage over D4 rounds when you touch an enemy.

Put down roots into the ground and harvest the energy of the earth (indoors) or sunlight (outdoors). Gaining D4 health per turn as long as you are standing in place and do not move. Usable once per day.

Web Weaving:
Create large spiderwebs in a confined area

Regenerate D10 of your lost health this turn, any overhealing is lost

Ability List:

Bed of Thorns:
Quickly grow a bed of thorns in a 4x4 square area. These snare and root any enemies in the area, and deal D6 damage to anyone caught in them.

Natural Mending:
Heal yourself or a companion for D4 health.

Soul of the Forest:
Resurrect all fallen allies and companions, everyone who is revived is healed to half health. Usable once per day.

Root all enemies within 15 yards of you for D4 rounds or until they escape. They may continue to fight during this time.

Call Lightning: Summon a storm and call lightning down from the sky on your enemies. Does D10 AoE damage or D20 single target damage. Lasts D4 turns before needing to be recast.

Summon Elemental:
Summon an elemental to fight alongside of you: Fire, Wind, Water, or Earth. Deals D10 damage with D6 DoT effects when applicable.

Elemental Armor:
Gain elemental armor and bonuses. Only usable on yourself.
- Fire: enemies who strike you in melee take D6 damage over time.
- Earth: gain 20% bonus armor until it is lost.
- Wind: physical ranged attacks have a 50% increased chance to miss you
- Water: gain D6 health per turn

Eend the earth and cause an earthquake. Enemies who fail dodge get trapped within the earth and take D20 falling damage.

Wall of Stone:
Summon a wall of stone in front of you 5 squares across and 10 squares high, protecting you from all incoming damage. Has 500 armor.