Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Marksmen are ranged fighters of extreme skill who specialize in ranged engagements. They switch from single target to AoE damage effortlessly from the backlines.


Endurance Training:
Gain 10% of your maximum health. Usable once per fight.

Swift & Sure:
You gain a 10% movement bonus if you shot and moved last turn. This bonus stacks up to 5 times.

Careful Aim:
Sacrifice your movement this turn to gain +2 to hit. Does not stack with Aimed Shot.

Master Marksman:
You may hit targets up to double your movement bonus with no penalty.

True Shot:
Whenever you land a killing blow with one of your shots, you immediately fire a free Aimed Shot.

**Camouflage: **

Blend into your surroundings and safely fire from cover without being detected. May not be used out in the open, may not be used in combat.

Double Tap:
If you crit on one of your shots, it immediately fires a second cast of that ability at the same target for free.

Calling the Shots:
Take no other actions and you can choose an enemy to take 50% extra damage from all other players this turn.

Lock & Load:
Years of training and combat have honed your reflexes and instincts. You may choose to go first in any encounter, regardless of initiative, even when ambushed.

Free Action:

The next shot you take seems to come from an ally of your choice.

Fire a flare into the air that reveals any stealthed enemies within a 20 yard area. May not be fired consecutively.

Counter Shot:
Ready an arrow to shoot down the next projectile launched by an enemy. This is not an automatic success.

Hunter’s Mark:
Mark an enemy, you can now track them up to 1000 yards or for 1 hour.

Survival Tactics:
Drop your weapons, pierce yourself for half of your maximum health, go prone, and immediately drop out of combat. Enemies believe you are dead and you will not be targeted until you re-enter combat.


Barbed Shot: D6
Shoot a projectile wrapped in barbed wire causing D6 bleed damage for D6 turns.

Cobra Shot: D6
Shoot a projectile dipped in poison causing D6 poison damage for D6 turns.

Multi-Shot: D6
Shoot multiple projectiles at once. Hit D4 targets for D6 damage.

Binding Shot: D6
Shoot a coil of wire into the ground tethering any enemies within a 5 yard radius.

Barrage: D6
Rapidly fire a spray of shots at your enemies while channeling this ability. You may continue firing during your turn until you miss a shot. Takes 2 turns to recharge.

Explosive Shot: D10
Shoot an explosive projectile that detonates upon impact dealing D10 damage to everyone in a 10 yard radius. This will also hurt your pet and other party members.

Rapid Fire: D6 x 1-5
Shoot a series of arrows in rapid succession. Roll one D6 per arrow fired. Stores up to 5 charges of Rapid Fire. Gain 2 charges per round, gain 2 charges every time an enemy dies. You may shoot any number of targets with this ability but each arrow may only deal damage once.

Power Shot: D20
A strong ability that takes one turn to charge. Deal D20 damage and knock an enemy off their feet with this attack.

Poisoned Arrow: D10 + D6
Your target takes D10 damage and is poisoned for D6 damage over D6 rounds.

Rain of Death: D6 AOE
Shoot a volley of arrows into the air covering a wide area. Deal D6 damage to all enemies in the area.

Bursting Shot: D6 Cone
Fire three brittle arrows directly in front of you that shatter upon leaving your bow, dealing AoE damage in a cone 5 yards across and 4 yards deep. Deals D6 damage.

Aimed Shot: D12 - Maxed
Choose a target and focus your aim, dealing D12 damage and always maxing out your damage roll. You may take no other actions or movement this turn.

Piercing Shot: D8
A powerful shot that ignores armor and pierces up to 3 targets in a row.