Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Man At Arms are powerful juggernaut warriors who revolve around building high burst damage windows. Focuses on high damage single target attacks.


Deep Wounds:
Your critical attacks cause the target to bleed for 10% of their maximum health per round for D4 rounds.

When you crit, you gain a free charge of Overpower to be used on your next attack.

Sweeping Strikes:
Your basic attacks cleave and hit a second adjacent target.

Sudden Death:
If you crit when using Execute, act as if you spent 90% of your maximum hit points for free.

Collateral Damage:
If you crit on Warbreaker, it effects all enemies within 10 squares, and the damage bonus is 50%.

Deadly Calm:
When below 25% health all your abilities may be cast as free actions.

Free Action:

Overpower your target, they may not block or parry your next attack. May not be used consecutively.

Rush an enemy, spending your Movement action and closing the gap up to 15 squares. Root them for 1 round.

Skull Splitter: D8
Throw a heavy axe at an opponent up to 10 squares away. Must retrieve axe to use again.


Mortal Strike:
Hit with your weapon and reduce healing on that target by 25% for D6 rounds.

Spend your hit points and convert that as damage on top of your next attack (in increments of 10% of your maximum health). If you land a killing blow with this ability you regain all the health you spent. Target must be below 50% health.

Slam into an opponent for D8 damage, stunning them for D4 rounds. Damage does not interrupt this effect.

Whirlwind:  D6
Unleash a flurry of attacks on anyone within 5 squares of you. This may not be combined with Overpower.

Bladestorm: D8
Spin around for D4 rounds dealing D8 damage to anyone within 2 squares of you. You may move while channeling this ability. You may not use Abilities or Free Actions during this time. You may dodge but not block or parry while channeling. Does not stack with Overpower.

Colossus Smash: D20
Sacrifice your movement and free action to obliterate an enemy. May only be used on a target once, after they have reached 50% hp.

Smash the ground and shatter the armor of all enemies within 4 squares, dealing D10 damage and increasing damage they take by 25% for D4 rounds. Usable once per fight.

Throw a whirling weapon at the target location that inflicts D8 damage to all enemies within 5 squares over D4 rounds. Must be retrieved to cast again.