Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Light Magic empowers your combat, and grants the gift of healing and resurrection. Light Mages are well-rounded, capable fighters and powerful healers who are a welcome addition to any group.


Weapons of Light:
You carry no weapons but instead conjure them out of divine energy. You may summon and dismiss any type of ranged or melee weapon type at will, including shields.

Divine Protection:
You wear cloth but suffuse it with divine energy, granting you a layer of Natural Armor. This gives your cloth the armor bonus of Mail, without any of the penalties or requirements.

Strength of Faith:
You take 50% less damage from and deal +50% damage to the forces of Evil. This includes unholy enemy types such as Demons, Wraiths, Ghosts, and evil Spirits.

Walk By Faith, Not By Sight:
You can see in magical darkness.


Light Sword of Judgement: Melee - D12
Effortlessly wield a greatsword of pure light to smite your foes in battle.

Bright Whip: ranged - D6
Conjure a weightless whip that you can extend up to 50 feet in front of you and wield with one hand. You can use it to strike or bind your opponents.

Heaven’s Flash: ranged AOE - D6
Part the heavens and call down rays of Divine energy to heal your friends and harm your foes in a general area.

Light of Divine Punishment: ranged - D8
Call down a shaft of light, paralyzing a single enemy in place and dealing damage for every turn they remain inside.

Arrows of Judgement: ranged AOE - D6
Fire a rain of magic arrows in a wide area.

Lamp of Avlor: AOE Stun
You summon and wield a giant light of pure light, blinding enemies in a cone in front of you for D6 rounds.

Spark of Hope: Ranged Single Target - D8
Summon an elemental being of light that charges a friend or foe dealing either healing or damage that consumes the energy of the elemental.

Guardian Angel: Ranged Single Target - D12 (Once Per Day)
Call upon the heavens to revive a fallen comrade. May not be used in combat.

Burst of Light: AOE Stun - D6
Create a burst of light around an ally, stunning any enemies within melee range.

Circle of Healing: AOE Heal - D6
Surround yourself with an aura of healing energies that will restore any allies within melee range of you.

Divinity: Buff - (Once Per Day)
Channel divine energies through you, take and deal no damage for (D4) rounds. Can continue to cast healing abilities.

Bestow Faith: Single Target Heal - D6
Bless an ally, healing them for (D6) health points per round for (D4) rounds. Only one blessing may be active at a time.

Judgement of the Crusader: Buff
Deal double damage for (D4) rounds. May only be self-cast once per fight.

Light of the Dawn: AOE Heal - D6
Cast a wave of light in a cone in front of you for up to 12 yards healing all allies within its path for (D6) health.