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There is another matter we hoped you could help us with. We captured a strange beast that is not native to our region, he found his way into one of our camps and was rifling through a tent's belongings, looking for food when we captured him.

We believe him to be demon-possessed, for he appears to be immortal. He won't stay dead, and doesn't appear to age. But he is a great distraction and frankly, a hassle to deal with. He never stops talking, day or night. Would you mind taking him off of our hands for us?

You are lead to a holding area and see a rather small llama sitting in a cage. His back is to you, and he is sitting up straight, muttering to himself and fidgeting with something out of sight. Like the rest of the animals you have met, his speech is intelligent, if a bit rambling on some inaudible rant.

*He is Emperor Kuzco, previous ruler of this land under the Demon Lords. While not evil, he served their interests in exchange for the power that they offered. He was polymorphed by the Wicked Witch and his kingdom stolen from him after she made everything believe he had been killed or fled while on a long journey. He seeks to regain his throne, and to be rid of this inconvenient form.