Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Integrity Knights are hybrid fighters who use magic weapons and armor to wage war on their enemies through traditional combat. They boast sustained effectiveness in any situation, and offer a unique armor bonus over other classes.


Class Proficiencies:
This class may not use traditional weapons or armor, they may however use trinkets and items they find in the world. Instead, they use their magic to break down gear they find in order to empower their own Magic Weapons & Armor that they conjure. They wear Magic Plate armor that grants them the armor bonus of normal plate, with the reduced penalties of mail. They use special magic weapons that deal D10 damage on basic attacks.

Magic Combat Affinity:
You may block magical attacks with your weapon as if they were physical blows. You gain +5 to parry rolls of physical attacks. You may switch the form of your magical weapon at will, without consuming a free action, but you may not switch forms more than once per round.

Free Action:

Vortex Glaive: D10 + Agility
Throw this glaive and it will travel up to 10 squares to hit an enemy. If it misses, on the next round it will continue up to 10 squares in a straight line until it hits something at which point it will ricochet.; it keeps doing this until it hits someone. Once it hits, or this attack is blocked, it will then return to the caster on the following turn and a free action must be used to catch it.

Basic Attacks:

Sword Strike: D10 + Brawn | Single Target

Sword Slash: D10 + Brawn | Area of Effect Cone

Bow Shot: D10 + Agility | Single Target

Whip: D10 + Agility | Single Target with 5 square range


Time Piercing Slash: D10 + Brawn | Buff
This attack grants +10 to hit. You may use it to hit a single target, dealing D10 damage.

Lightless Slash: D10 + Magic
This attack ignores armor and deals D10 damage.

Golden Shower: D10 + Magic | Area of Effect
Rain magic petals across a 4 x 4 square area for D10 damage to anyone caught inside it. You may channel this ability for up to four turns, if taking no additional actions. The area may not shift or move during this time.

Heavenly Piercing Shot: D10 + Magic | Area of Effect
Fire a bolt of divine light out of your sword. It travels in a straight line until hitting a wall or other solid object. It may pierce an unlimited number of targets for D10 damage.

Heavenly Bombardment: D10 + Magic | Area of Effect
Raise your sword in the air for 1 round channeling this ability, at the start of next round you fire a ring of Heavenly Piercing Shots in a 360* circle. You may then take the rest of your turn normally.

Conflagrant Flame Shot: D10 + Magic | D6 + Magic Damage Over Time
Shoot an enemy for D10 damage with a flaming arrow. As long as they aren't immune or resistant it sets them on fire for an additional D6 damage over D6 rounds. You may also use this ability to light flammable objects on fire

Dragon's Lance: D10 + Magic | Single Target Damage
Shoot a magic arrow out of your bow that grows in flight until it is the size of a spear. Upon hitting an enemy it knocks them into the air until they travel 10 squares or hit something. The knock back effect does not work on enemies larger than you.  

Multi-shot: D10 + Agility | Area of Effect
Shoot a volley of arrows in a 5 square area dealing D10 damage to everyone in it.

Frost Scale Whip: D10 + Agility | Area of Effect + Stun
Strike with a magical whip and entangle an enemy, dealing D10 damage and trapping them in place. They remain restrained while you channel this ability.

Snake Segments: D10 + Magic | Area of Effect Cone
Last out with your whip, which splits into multiple snakes. You may hit up to five enemies within a 5 yard cone in front of you for D10 damage.

Double Cleave: D10 + Agility
Strike a single target twice in quick succession or two adjacent enemies once each.

Whirlwind: D10 + Agility
Spin in a circle slashing everyone within 2 squares of you.

Aincrad Style Strike: D10 + Brawn | Single Target up to four hits
Hit an enemy with a vicious strike from your sword. As long as the blow landed you may roll to hit again, dealing additional damage up to four times. You may continue to strike even when blocked or parried, but must stop when reaching four simultaneous attacks or being successfully dodged.

Frozen Ground:
Quickly cover the ground in a sheet of ice, trapping any enemies within an 8 yard cone in front of you for D4 rounds.

Lightning Strike: D10 + Magic | Area of Effect
Stab your sword into the ground and rain down lightning in a ring around you, damaging anyone within 3 squares of you for D10 damage.

Rage Spike: D10 + Agility | Single Target
Jump forward up to 5 squares and thrust with your sword dealing D10 damage. This does not count towards your Movement.

Disarm an opponent of their weapon, knocking it up to 5 squares away

Self Sacrifice:
Choose a target ally and sacrifice all of your hit points until you reach zero and go unconscious. They are instantly healed for that amount.

Vorpal Strike: D10 + Magic
Slash through the air sending a magical arc of energy up to 8 squares away.