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Empowered by the their deity, Holy Magic is exclusively reserved for Priests, Clerics, and other Lawful Good Mages of the Church. While they lack any form of offensive magics, they are permitted to raise mundane arms against the forces of evil to protect themselves. However, what they lack in offense they make up for in Healing. They combine utility and defensive spells with excellent single and multi-target healing. This class exclusively wears cloth, and is not allowed to wield bladed weapons of any sort.


Trail of Light:
You passively heal yourself for 10% of your maximum health per turn. When adjacent to an ally they receive that bonus instead.

You gain +5 Religion and Wisdom per level.

Enduring Renewal:
Your single-target healing spells refresh the duration of "Renew" on that target.

When casting "Renew" on yourself, it reduces the damage you take from the next attack by 10%.

Surge of Light:
You have a 10% chance when casting a heal to gain a free charge of Flash Heal to be used immediately.

Lasting Spirit:
Upon going unconscious, your spirit will rise from your body and continue to cast healing spells for D4 rounds. You may not heal yourself during this time.

Free Action:

Renew: D4 HoT
Heal the target for D4 over D4 rounds.

Desperate Prayer:
Sacrifice 30% of your maximum hit points and cast that on an ally as healing

Leap of Faith:
Pull an ally to your location


Shining Force:
Creates a burst of light around a friendly target, knocking away nearby enemies and stunning them for D4 rounds. Usable once per fight.

Circle of Healing: D10 AoE
Heals the target and any allies within 5 yards for D10. Usable once per fight.

Binding Heal: D6 HoT
Heal the target for D6 per round for D6 rounds or until they move.

Halo: D10 AoE
Creates a ring of Holy energy around you that quickly expands to a 20 yd radius, healing allies for and dealing Holy damage to enemies for D10.

Enter a pure Holy form for D4 rounds. Your healing spells are doubled for this duration and you take half damage from all sources. Usable once per day.

Holy Prayer of Salvation:
Heals all allies for D6, and applies Renew and 2 stacks of Prayer of Mending to each of them. Usable once per fight.

Healing Touch: D8
Heal a target in melee range for D8

Flash Heal: D6
Heal a target at range for D6

Holy Prayer of Protection:
Reduce the damage an ally takes by 25% for D4 rounds.

Holy Prayer of Mending:
Buffs an ally, the next time they take damage they are immediately healed for 10% of the damage they took. Upon triggering, it will jump to the next closest party member within 5 yards and heal them as well. May not jump to the same target more than once, lasts D6 rounds before expiring.

Holy Prayer of Greater Blessings: D6 AoE
Heal a target and any allies within 5 yards of them for D6

Holy Prayer of Sanctification:
Dispell any DoTs on the target ally.

Prayer of Hope:
Heal yourself and all allies for 10% of your maximum health. Usable once per day.

Guardian Spirit:
Place a spell on a target that lasts D6 rounds. If the target goes unconscious or dies you lose the remainder of your hit points and go unconscious, but they take no damage.

Divine Hymn:
Channel this ability for up to D6 rounds. During this time your party takes 30% less damage from all sources. Usable once per fight.