Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Sages bolster the party, allowing them to sojourn on. With capable healing, crowd control, and AoE, Sage's are utility class that also provide invaluable insight.


Class Proficiencies:
You wear Cloth armor and use Staves or other pole-type weapons. Your primary stat is Magic.

Fortitude of the Faithful:
You start combat with 25 Natural Armor.

Safety in Numbers:
At the start of combat you grant everyone else 10 Natural Armor.

Your melee attacks deal no damage. You have a 50% movement penalty.

Horadric Staff:
Your melee attacks with your staff stun your opponent for D4 rounds. This may not affect the same target more than once.

Attributes of a Seer:
You naturally have a -3 to Brawn, Agility, & Endurance. You have +5 to Magic.

Scroll of Identity:
Hitting a stealthed or invisible enemy with Scroll of Sealing also reveals them.

Field Study:
You may spend 1 round actively studying an enemy to identify their weaknesses. This also causes you to deal one additional D4 worth of damage to them per attack. This effect may stack up to 5 times.

Cube Mastery:
Hit at least 3 enemies with an explosion of Horadric Cube and it's damage goes up one die size on its next attack.

Scroll of an Ancient Curse:
If your Scroll of Sealing traps at least 3 enemies, the damage the receive is doubled.

When hitting an enemy with Lorenado, it spawns an additional Lorenado in the opposite direction that the enemy was knocked. It travels 8 sqaures with the same effects. This ability may proc up to 5 times total.

Free Action:

Healing Potion: D6 + Magic | Single Target Healing
Throw a healing potion at an ally, it bursts and heals them for D6. You may also drink these.

Potion of Shielding: D4 + Magic | Single Target Buff
Throw a shield potion at an ally, it bursts and grants them D4 Natural Armor. You may also drink these. This effect does not stack.

Horadric Cube: D6 + Magic | Area of Effect Damage
Throw the Horadric Cube at an enemy, it explodes and deals D6 damage to everyone in a 5 square area. They are slowed by 50% for 1 round.

Cloud the Mind:
Distract an enemy who is attacking you, dramatically reducing the threat you pose to them.

Basic Abilities:

Super Healing Potion: D10 + Magic | Single Target Healing
Throw a healing potion at an ally, it bursts and heals them for D10. You may also drink these. May not be used consecutively on the same target.


Scroll of Sealing: D4 + Magic | Area of Effect + Damage Over Time
Read a Scroll of Sealing which draws a 4 x 4 magic square on the ground. Enemies inside are rooted for D4 rounds and take D4 damage per round for the duration.

Stay Awhile and Listen: Area of Effect + Crowd Control
Read from the Book of Knowledge and put all enemies within a 5 square cone directly in front of you asleep for D4 rounds. Any damage breaks this effect. You may continue to channel this ability to refresh the duration.

Lorenado: Area of Effect + Knockback
Create a twirling tome tornado that travels towards the target in a straight line for 8 squares. It knocks back anyone it comes in contact with 4 squares.

Rescue: Single Target Revive | Channeled Ability
Sacrifice all actions for D4 rounds in order to channel a revive on a fallen ally.