Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Originally the bone splinter of a Demon, this item has been crafted into an object of Power by cultists. Using it is said to empower the wielder, but a cost to their sanity. Use with caution.

Roll a die. Odds, you take 25% damage from all sources. Evens, you deal 25% bonus damage to all enemies. Both effects last D4 rounds.

You may use this item once per day safely with no side effects. Whenever using it more than once per day you permenantly gain a stack of Hysteria per additional use. Every 5 stacks of Hysteria the effect duration permenantly goes up one die size, but you begin to lose your sanity and must roll to not lose your mind. If this happens, you must roll a new character. At 25 stacks you gain both effects for D20 rounds and this item no longer scales, and you must roll a sanity check every day in-game. A Sanity check is a simple D20, upon rolling a crit fail of one or two, you lose your mind and must roll a new character.