Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Game magic is deeply rooted in shenanigans. Game Mages sow chaos across the battlefield by distracting and disarming enemies. Typically single target spells, many of the effect other enemies at random.

Note: The same game may not be played consecutively, or used on the same target more than once.


I Spy:
Channel this ability on yourself or an ally to detect invisible or hidden objects, items, or people. Works on magical and mundane alike.

Free Action:

Throw something to an opponent, they are compelled to stop what they are doing, drop their weapons, and catch it.

Touch someone on the battlefield and they are it. On their next turn they are compelled to touch someone who is not it. This continues until everyone has been tagged.

Chicken Fight:
Climb on the back of an ally and an enemy will be forced to do the same. Those two enemies will only attack you until the top enemy is killed or one of you is knocked off.

Cast this spell and hide your face behind your hands. While maintaining this pose you may not be targeted.


Hot Potato:
Pull a potato out of your bag and imbue it with explosive energy, then toss it to an enemy. They are magically compelled to drop their weapons and attempt to catch it, followed by tossing it to their closest ally the following turn. If they don’t catch it and it hits them, or they drop it, they take D10 damage. If there is no available ally within tossing range they will chose the closest player to them. If the potato is not dropped then it explodes after D6 rounds for D20 damage.

The Floor Is Lava:
Enchant an enemy or ally, the floor melts away and becomes lava under them for D100 squares worth of movement. Lava lasts D6 rounds. Anyone caught standing in lava takes D10 damage per round they are in it.

Duck, Duck, Goose:
Roll a die to choose an enemy at random. That enemy catches on fire for D6 damage per turn until they strike every other enemy on the battlefield.

Freeze Tag:
Touch an opponent in melee and their joints lock in place for D4 rounds or until someone touches them and the effect transfers and the cooldown is refreshed.

Bloody Knuckles:
Punch an enemy to activate this ability. They take D4 damage from you and throw down their weapons. For every consecutive turn you punch them, they will punch you back on their turn.

Surprise Party:
Roll a die to choose an enemy at random. That enemy is surrounded by a shield of magical energy that lasts D4 turns. During this time they take no damage from external sources. Once an enemy is selected, roll a D4 and the following magical effect is applied:
- The slowly suffocate taking D10 damage per turn
- The are silenced and stunned for the duration
- The shield implodes dealing D20 damage to them
- The shield explodes dealing D10 damage to everyone around them

What’s in your pocket:
Roll a die to choose an enemy at random. They have one of the following items in their pocket, roll a D4 to determine. Fails if cast on the same enemy more than once.
1. A bomb that deals D6 damage next turn.
2. A poisonous spider that causes paralysis for D4 turns.
3. A pixie armed with a small spear that deals D6 damage and attacks everything it sees until killed (50 hit points)
4. A lump of burning coal that deals D6 fire damage per turn until removed.

Pinata of Doom:
Conjure a magical pinata high overhead. It has 100 hit points and scatters its contents across the battlefield to friend and foe alike. Roll a die after the pinata is broken to see what’s inside, the effect is D6 in a 20 yard area. Odds it is poison, Evens is a healing potion.

Cat’s Cradle:
Roll a D4, it takes that many rounds to create a Cat’s Cradle. Once it is complete, get within melee range of an opponent and strangle them with it. You deal D10 (plus bonuses) times the number of rounds it took you to make it. You may not take other actions (except movement) while building the Cat’s Cradle

Throw something round at an enemy. If they do not dodge it then they are knocked prone and unconscious for D4 rounds. This attack deals no damage. Dealing damage while unconscious wakes them up.

Playing Doctor:
Move within melee range of an ally and inspect them for D4 rounds. Each round they are healed for D10.

Hide And Go Seek:
Turn all members of your party invisible. This lasts for D4 rounds or until they take an action. Usable once per fight.

Throw a horseshoe at an enemy for D4 damage. They are stunned for D4 rounds.

Hold your hands out, palms down within melee range of an enemy. They are compelled to match you with palms up, underneath your hands. On their turn, they will attempt to slap the tops of your hands - if they succeed the spell is broken and they will attack you normally. If they miss, you counterslap them for D4 damage. You play this on your turn until the spell is broken or they die.

Rock Paper Scissors:
Cast this spell and the nearest enemy will come over to play. If they win, they deal damage to you equal to a normal attack. If you win you gain an effect equal to the winning throw.
Paper: Slap them in the face, stunning them for D4 rounds.
Rock: Punch them in the face for D4 damage. They are knocked prone.
Scissors: Stab them for D6 damage. They bleed for D4 damage over D4 turns.

Spinning Top:
Launch this across the battlefield in any direction you choose. It travels 2 spaces per turn, for D6 turns. When it stops spinning it explodes dealing D10 damage to everyone within 4 yards.