Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

This class offers a well-rounded offensive toolkit, high mobility, strong self healing, and excels at multi-target dps. Fury warriors exclusively dual wield.


Titan's Grip:
You may dual wield 2h weapons. You may not use shields or ranged weapons.

Unshackled Fury:
You deal 50% increased damage below 50% hp.

Endless Rage:
You deal 1 die size higher on all attacks when below 25% health

Sudden Death:
You gain a second free ability per round when attack enemies below 10% health.

Reckless Abandon:
You gain a 10% damage increase for every piece of armor you do not wear.

Anger Management:
For every 10% of health you lose from an enemy, you gain a stack of Anger. Spend 2 stacks for a free action and five stacks for an additional ability.

Shrug off any Crowd Control effects after 1 round.

Bounding Strides:
You may immediately cast Heroic Leap a second time for free if there is another target within 10 yards.

Your basic attacks go up a die size every two killing blows you land.

Thirst For Battle:
Landing a killing blow with Bloodthirst doubles its healing until the end of the fight. This ability stacks.

Free Actions:

Bloodthirst: D4
Assault the target in a bloodthirsty craze, dealing D4 Physical damage and restoring 5% of your maximum health.

Go berserk, increasing all damage taken and received by 100%, +5 squares mobility, and granting your abilities +2 to hit. Lasts D6 rounds.

Becoming Enraged increases your damage done by 10%, and movement speed by +4 squares for D4 rounds. You automatically trigger Enrage every 25% of your health lost. Each Enrage may only trigger once per fight.

Take 10% less damage from all sources when Enrage is active.

Frothing Berserker:
Automatically Enrage whenever you crit.

Automatically Enrage whenever your target crit fails on a defensive roll against you.

Enrage when you land a killing blow.

Double Time:
Sacrifice your free action for a second Movement this turn.

Heroic Leap:
Jump up to 10 squares and strike an enemy with both weapons.

Death Sentence:
Mark an enemy for death. You gain an extra turn this round if you use both turns to exclusively attack them. Usable once per fight. Cooldown resets if you land the killing blow on this enemy.

Battle Trance:
You go into a trance causing you to regenerate 1% of your maximum health per attack you successfully land on an enemy over the next D6 rounds.

Attempt to disarm and enemy.


Enrage: D4 x 4
Enrages you and unleashes a series of 4 brutal strikes for D4 Physical damage each. May hit multiple targets.

Raging Blow:
A mighty blow with both weapons that that deals an additional D6 damage.

Furious Slash:
Aggressively strike with your off-hand weapon for D6 Physical damage. Gain a second free action this turn.

Dragon's Roar:
Roar explosively, dealing D6 Physical damage to all enemies within 12 yds and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 6 sec.

Break the enemy's defenses, dealing D8 Physical damage, and increasing your damage done to that target by 20% for D4 rounds.