Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Frost Deathknights are comprised of men from the lost region of Arthas (now the Dreadlands). Formerly a proud people, their land was overrun by the Lord of Terror Sauron who decimated their numbers. The few survivors scattered to the corners of the earth, lost without purpose to roam the land. Warped by Sauron's twisted magics, Frost Deathknights are neither living nor dead. They provide sustained cleave damage and have powerful burst AoE.


Class Proficiencies:
This class may wear any armor type, use any two handed weapon or dual wield any combination of one handed weapons. It relies on Brawn for melee attacks and Magic for its ranged attacks.

Frozen Power:
You may cast your next ability as a Free Action. Gain a charge of power by landing a killing blow. You may not store more than 5 charges of this ability, they are lost at the end of each day.

Icebound Fortitude:
Your blood freezes in your veins, you are immune to stuns and any form of ice, water, or cold damage.

Dark Command:
Force a target to focus on you for the next D4 rounds.

Inexorable Assault:
When attacking the same target consecutively with a Chilled weapon or Frost attack, they gain a stacking debuff and take an extra D4 worth of Cold damage from you. The debuff immediately falls off after one full round of not being attacked by you.

Cold Heart:
Every time an ally takes damage you gain a stack of this ability. Deal D4 damage per stack of Cold Heart on your next successful cast of Chains of Ice. May stack up to 10 times.

Your regular attacks grant you 10% of the damage you deal as Natural Armor. You may not have more Natural Armor than your maximum armor value. This bonus is lost at the end of combat.

Gathering Storm:
If anyone dies within Remoreless Winter the range is doubled and the damage goes up one die size for the rest of the fight.

You coat your armor in blades of ice. Deal D4 damage to anyone who comes within 1 adjacent square of you.

Free Action:

Chains of Ice: D4 + Magic | Single Target Damage Over Time Effect
Shackle a target with frozen chains for D4 rounds.

Grip of Fear:
Pull an enemy within 10 squares to you, bringing them within melee range.

Frost Armor:
Cover yourself in a layer of frost, creating a layer of Natural Armor equal to 50% of your current health. Lasts until consumed, only usable once per fight. Ineffective against fire damage.

Wraith Walk:
Activate this ability to break free from any roots or movement impairing effects.

Mind Freeze:
Smash the target with cold, interrupting and locking them out of spellcasting for D4 rounds. May not be used on the same target consecutively.

Frost Strike: Weapon Damage + D4 + Brawn | Buff
Your weapon is chilled with icy power. Deal an additional D4 weapon damage on your melee attacks.

Basic Attack:

Frostscythe Weapon Damage + Brawn | Area of Effect
A sweeping attack that strikes all enemies in front of you in a cone for weapon damage. Crit strikes from this ability deal 4 times normal damage.


Retribution: Weapon Damage + Brawn + % | Single Target Melee
Strike an enemy with your blades, deal 25% of the damage you took last round and heal for that amount.

Frost Strike: Weapon Damage + D6 + Brawn | Buff
Chill your weapon with icy power. Deal an additional D6 weapon damage on your next attack.

Howling Blast: D10 + Magic | Area of Effect
Blast everyone in front of you with a frigid wind dealing D10 damage to anyone within a 5 yard cone.

Remorseless Winter D6 + Magic | Area of Effect
Drain the warmth of life from all nearby enemies within 5 squares. They take D6 damage every round they are in your proximity. This ability lasts for D6 rounds.

Horn of Winter: D10 + Magic | Area of Effect
Blow the Horn of Winter to summon a Polar Vortex across the battlefield. Enemies within 20 yards of you take D10 cold damage on their turn for D4 rounds.

Asphyxiate D8 + Magic | Crown Control
Lift an enemy off the ground, crushing their throat with dark energy. During this time they may not take any actions, lasts D4 rounds, they take D8 damage per turn for the duration. Only usable on a single target within 8 squares. This ability must be channeled.

Blinding Sleet: D4 + Magic | Area of Effect
Targets in a 10 yard area are blinded and take D4 damage for D4 turns while in this zone. They take double damage from all other Cold attacks.

Avalance: D10 + Magic | Area of Effect
Call forth a raging storm to dump sheets of ice and snow on a target area. Effects a 10 yard straight line 2 squares across, for D10 Damage. Targets are buried for D4 turns.

Death Pact: Weapon Damage + Brawn + % | Single Target Melee Attack
Strike the target for 50% of your current health. Heal 10% of this amount over the next 5 turns.

Glacial Advance: D10 + Magic | Area of Effect + Crowd Control
Summon glacial spikes from the ground in a 10 yard line that deal D10 damage and impale the targets for D6 rounds.

FrostWyrm's Fury: D12 + Magic | Area of Effect
Summon a Frostwyrm to fly over and breathe an Icy Blast 10 yards wide across the entire battlefield. Anyone caught within this takes D12 Cold Damage.

Reinforced Armor: Buff
Gain 10% of your maximum health and armor as you reinforce yourself with ice.