Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Elemental Fairies provide much utility to a group. Excellent for sneaking and scouting, they provide excellent combat support. It is important to note that they are too small to use traditional weapons and may only wear cloth armor.


Class Proficiencies:
You wear cloth armor, and may only use wands or carry trinkets in your weapon slots. You use Magic for your combat rolls.

You have -5 strength due to your size. You have +5 to stealth rolls. You may not block or parry melee attacks.

Quick & Nimble:
You gain +2 dexterity, and +2 to defensive rolls and saving throws. You are always flying and have a base movement of 20 squares.

You can see in natural and magic darkness.

Fairy Aura:
You are prioritized by magical predators, but rarely attacked by humans or beasts.

Free Action:

You can turn invisible for D4 rounds. Has a 2 round cool down. Attacking breaks this spell.

You may charm a non-hostile target to be your friend and assist you for D6 rounds. You may charm a hostile target to not attack you for D6 rounds. Does not work on Elite or higher characters. May not be used consecutively on the same target or be active on more than one target at a time.

Ember: D4 + Magic for D4 rounds | Damage Over Time
Burn a target with fire for D4 damage over D4 rounds.

Run Away:
Sacrifice your movement and ability action to leave combat and fly to the edge of the encounter.

Dazzling Gleam: D6 + Magic
Emit a powerful burst of magic and hit everyone in melee range for D6 damage.


Ice Shard: D6 + Magic damage | Multi-target damage
You flash freeze chunks of ice and hurl them at any targets within 5 yards of each other. You cast D4 shards for D6 damage. A single shard may not hit more than one target.

Ice Beam: D8 + Magic
Deals D8 damage base, and you roll one additional die of that size for each round you charge it. Hits a single target. If charged more than one round it has a 50% chance to freeze the target for D4 rounds. If charged at least 4 rounds it has a 100% chance to freeze the target for D6 rounds.

Blizzard: D4 + Magic + 50% slow
Deal D4 damage to all targets within a 20 square area. They are slowed by 50% for as long as you channel this ability. If a target is inside the blizzard for at least 4 turns they become frozen for D4 rounds.

Hailstorm: D4 + Magic damage for D4 turns
Cast a hailstorm to cover an 8 yard area for D4 damage over D4 turns. Only one may be active at a time.

Fire Spin: D6 + Magic damage for D4 turns
Trap an enemy inside a vortex of flame for D4 turns. They take D6 damage while inside and may continue to be attacked.

Flamethrower: D8 + Magic + Ember
Throw an intense blast of fire up to 5 squares, dealing D8 damage to everyone in a line. The first target hit by this also receives a stack of Ember

Heat Wave: D6 + Magic
Cast a wave of debilitating heat across the battlefield. It is 5 squares wide, and travels for 5 squares directly in front of you. Anyone caught in this has a chance to be dazed and takes D6 damage.

Blaze: D10 + Magic | D6 + Magic Dama
Set an enemy on fire. They take D10 damage and continue to take D6 damage every additional turn you sacrifice a free action to keep the blaze going.

Sky Attack: D6 damage
Fly high up into the sky and drop down onto your opponent’s head, hitting them with your momentum. As long as you don’t crit fail they can’t roll defensively.

Wing Attack: D4
Buffet any enemies within melee range with your wings, dealing D4 damage and knocking them back 3 squares.

Air Slash: D8
Attack an enemy with a blade of air that slices them. Does not work on enemies wearing mail or heavier armor.

Aqua Jet: D8
Hit a target with a blast of water for D8 damage.

Hydro Blast: D6
Hit a group of enemies within 4 squares of each other and knock them back 2 squares and prone.

Rain Dance:
Summon a storm after channeling for 2 rounds. It lasts for D6 rounds. During this time everything on the battlefield is soaked. Any ice attacks have a 100% chance to freeze their targets for D4 rounds.

Summon a whirlpool that traps anyone within 5 yards for D6 turns. They may not make defensive rolls during this time except to try and escape.

Waterfall: D8 + Magic
Summon a torrent of water down upon a target, they take D8 damage and are knocked prone. You may continue to channel this ability. It requires 1 round to recharge after you stop using it. May also hit an adjacent target if they are within 1 square of the primary. May not hit more than 2 additional targets.