Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Cyromancers are melee fighters who excel in personal defense, counters, and positioning. They may generate their own weapons made of ice, boost their defensives and eliminate harmful effects.


Winter's Remorse:
You have Cold affinity and are immune to it's damage and effects.

Armor Proficiency:
You may wear cloth or leather armor.

Weapon Proficiency: Ice
You generate your own weapons out of Ice as a free action. Your Ice Weapon attacks always do an additional D4 Cold Damage. You may create any class of melee weapon out of ice.

Blood Freezes:
You are immune to poison, disease, and bleed effects.

Path of Frost:
Coat the ground in ice and slide across it, avoiding attacks of opportunity and enabling you to move up to 10 squares as a free action.

Frozen Aura:
Surround yourself in a layer of Ice for 10% of your maximum health as Natural Armor at the start of combat. This may not trigger more than once per fight.

Hand to Hand:
Your unarmed strikes deal D4 damage by default. You may add Dexterity or Strength as your modifier.

Every time you land a killing blow you gain a stack of Brutality that you may spend on an enemy. Stacks are lost at the end of the fight.

If an opponent is below 10% of their maximum hit points you may use a Fatality.

Free Action:

Launcher: Grab and throw your opponent into the air, enabling you to perform certain combos. Requires the appropriate strength check. Enemies who have been Launched may not dodge while in the air.

Cold Snap:
Cover yourself in a thin layer of ice, removing any DoT effects including variations of Fire and Hellfire.

Iceball: D6
Throw a frozen ball of ice at an opponent up to 5 squares away for D6 damage.

Crushing Hammer: D10
When more than 5 feet above an enemy you may summon a 2 handed hammer of ice and drop on top of them, crushing them with it in a downward swing.

Barrier of Frost:
Summon a barrier of Ice directly in front of you, absorbing the next D10 damage as long as you stand behind it. This will not protect more than once person, and melts on your next turn.

Ice Clone:
Jump back, leaving an Ice statue of yourself behind and gaining stealth for 1 round. Enemies do not realize the difference unless you attack someone or it is damaged. AoE or direct damage will shatter it instantly. Combo: You may pick this clone up and throw it for D10 damage to an enemy.

Bed of Frost: D10
Coat the ground with a 5 x 2 square Bed of Frost spikes. Landing on or passing through these deal D10 damage. Combo: You may Launch an enemy and spray this under where they will land.


Ice Bomb: D8
Throw a frozen ball of ice at an opponent up to 8 squares away. It deals D6 damage and freezes them in a layer of ice for D4 rounds.

Catch Your Death:
Sacrifice your movement and charge an enemy, sliding up to 10 squares on a sheet of ice. Ram into them, tossing them over your shoulder to Launch them into the air. Quickly spin around and follow it up with a Snowball for free.

Ice Burst: D8
Summon an Iceball in each hand and throw them at your feet. You are immune to the damage but everyone within 4 squares takes D6 AoE Cold damage.

Frost Hammer: D10
Create a two handed mallet of Ice and swing it overhead for D10 physical damage. You hit your opponent so hard they bounce off the ground, Launching them.

Black Ice: 2D6
Swing a swordstroke down, slicing your opponent, and back up again Launcing them into the air.

Out In The Cold: 3D4+D6
Perform a devastating combo on a stunned or frozen opponent. Quickly stab them with daggers of ice three times, then bury both daggers deep into their chest.

Pick Your Brain: D10
Summon a frost spear and ram it into an enemy's face. They take D10 damage, only works on stunned or frozen opponents.

Press an IceBomb into your opponent's abdomen at close range. It explodes severing their spine and crippling them. They take 10% of your maximum HP as damage per stack of Brutality you spend. Does not work on Bosses.

Channel your powers into an enemy, freezing them solid. Shatter it into a million pieces. If they fail their defensive roll the fatality will kill them. Does not work on Bosses.