Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Crusaders are AoE tanks who focus on sustainability for their entire party. Focused on their Divine Calling, they are always on the side of good while campaigning for their order.


Laws of Heaven
Only one law may be activated per fight. No law may be used more than once; a day. Laws last D6 rounds
- Law of Life: everyone in your party gains Leech for 50% of their damage.
- Law of Valor: everyone in your party rolls an extra D20 worth of damage per turn when attacking.
- Law of Justice: Enemies who roll under 10 defensively are stunned for 2 rounds
- Law of Hope: Surround each member of your party with a personal shield of divine energy that absorbs both physical and magic damage. Each shield is worth D20 x Int modifier.

Free Action:

Taunt all nearby enemies and hold their attention for D4 rounds.

Steed Charge
Mount a celestial war horse that allows you to ride through enemies unhindered for double your movement bonus. Enemies you trample take D10 physical damage

Blessed Shield
Summon a blessed shield of divine energy in your off hand. While equipped, you gain D20 x Int additional armor. Your shield armor drains before your primary armor does. Once your shield armor is drained your shield breaks apart and vanishes. Usable once per fight.


Shield Glare
Light erupts from your shield blinding all enemies in front of your for D4 rounds. (Requires Blessed Shield)

Shield Bash
Smash your enemy in the face with your shield. Interrupt any spellcasting, stunning them for 1 round, and doing 50% weapon damage to them. (Requires Blessed Shield)

Heavenly Slash
Slash the air in front of you, igniting it as holy fire damage. Deal 1x weapon damage against normal targets, 2x against demons or undead.

Iron Skin
Your skin hardens for D4 rounds, reducing all physical damage by 50%. Usable once per fight.

Throw a ball of holy energy up to 20 yards, dealing D10 holy damage. D20 against demons or undead.

Blessed Hammer
Summon a divine hammer that spins around you dealing D6 holy damage to all enemies hit. Lasts D4 rounds. Takes D4 rounds to recharge.

Divine Hammer
Throw a hammer at an enemy dealing 1x weapon damage

Cover a 10 yard patch of ground with divine magic. Any enemies that stand in it take D10 + Int damage. Any allies that stand in it take that much in healing.

Falling Sword
Fly into the sky and hurl yourself down to the earth, crashing into an enemy and impaling them into the ground with your sword. Deals x3 weapon damage to your target and x1 to any other enemies within melee range. Usable once per fight, the enemy that is impaled remains stunned until you withdraw your weapon from their body.

Build up divine energy inside of you, unleashing it in a massive explosion. Roll one D20 per round you charged this (up to 5) to all enemies within 15 yards as holy damage.

Pass judgement on all enemies within a 10 yard area. Immobilizing them in place with fear for D4 rounds. Any damage disrupts this effect.

Champion of The Faith
Radiate the power of Heaven, dealing D4 damage multiplier for D4 rounds. Usable once per day

Summon a divine copy of yourself on either side of you, moving into a defensive formation and locking shields. Deal 3x damage to any enemies who are within melee range and absorb up to 1000 points of magic and melee damage before the phalanx expires. Any allies who remain behind you are protected by this ability as well. Lasts D4 rounds. (Requires Blessed Shield) Usable once per day.

Heaven’s Fury
Call down a furious ray of Holy power that deals 2x weapon damage as holy damage to all enemies caught within it. 15 yard diameter, lasts D6 turns. Useable once per fight.

Call in an assault from the Heavens. Rain 5 spheres of burning pitch and stone onto enemies all around you dealing D20 x Int Modifier damage to everyone hit. Each sphere is 5 yards across, you have unlimited range and can choose a location for each individual sphere.

Faith’s Reward
Spend your hit points to heal everyone in your party by that amount. You may not go below 1 hit point when using this ability.