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The Witch's castle is surrounded by Thorns. Long ago, she enspelled this haunted place - putting its inhabitants asleep and encasing the entire castle in a thicket of invulnerable thorns. Inside she grows unspeakable monsters, who roam the palace freely - seeking intruders to devour.

It is rumored that killing the Witch or returning the rightful ruler to the throne room will break the spell, but the former Emperor has not been seen in decades. What will you do to get inside? Past the stone brambles that block every entrance and path.

Inside Stonebriar Castle

Once inside, you are polarized by the lush nature you find blossoming within. The main entryway has many branching corridors. What will you find inside? And what is it you truly seek?

*Each floor has it's own set of challenges. In order to break the curse you must destroy or banish the Wicked Witch of the West. The key to summoning her is to kill the Raid Level Demi-god in the courtyard, or at least half of the dungeon (14 Monsters on any combination of floors). There is at least one Helpful / Neutral Monster on each floor (at the discretion of the DM).

If the party defeats the Courtyard Demi-god, it changes back to its true form and boosts / heals / blesses the party before their fight with the Wicked Witch. They should also receive additional bonuses or loot for successfully completing this fight.