Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Brewmasters are study tanks who sustain themselves by drinking their brews. Gaining a number of buffs through their draughts, brewmasters are highly effective brawlers that can handle groups of enemies at the same time.


Instead of taking immediate physical damage, you shrug off attacks, delaying their effects. At the end of each round calculate the total damage and absorb it as a DoT over D4 rounds. Magic attacks do not apply and are resolved normally.

Mystic Touch:
Your damage weakens the target. Attacking the same opponent consecutively grants a 10% bonus after the first attack.

Elusive Brawler:
Each time you are struck in melee it increases your next dodge roll by D4.

Brewmaster’s Balance:
While above 50% health you gain a 50% movement bonus. While below 50% health you regenerate D6 health per turn.

Another Round:
Sacrifice your movement and free actions to drink a second brew this round.

Untapped Potential:
Sacrifice your three brew cooldowns this fight and roll an extra D6 worth of damage on all attacks.

High Proof:
Any enemies covered in brew may be set on fire for D4 damage over D4 turns.

Gift of the Ox:
You have a 10% bonus to your maximum HP while in combat. This also applies to your negative hp death status.

Free Action:

Wandering Keg:
Gain 50% movement bonus and roll around inside an unstoppable keg. Knock away any enemies you come into contact with. You may not take additional actions while inside the keg, however you are unstoppable.


These are each usable once per fight.

Blackout Strike: D4
Deal D4 damage with a chance to stun your target for D4 rounds. Enemies may not be stunned consecutively.

Deadly Strike: D10
Attack an enemy with a powerful strike that leaves you wide open. You may not roll defensively for 1 round when using this ability.

Keg Toss:
Throw a keg of brew at a ranged target for D4 damage. They and all surrounding enemies within 5 yards have their movement reduced by 20% for D4 rounds. Any enemies hit by this attack are now covered in brew.

Keg Smash:
Smash a keg of brew on a target for D4 damage. They and all surrounding enemies within 5 yards have their movement and rolls reduced by 20% for D4 rounds. Any enemies hit by this attack are now covered in brew.

Breath of Fire:
Take a draught of brew and sprew it out, while lighting it on fire. Spray all enemies in a 5 yard cone in front of you for D6 fire damage. They do not take damage over time unless they are already covered in brew, in which case they alight for D4 damage over D4 turns.

Ironskin Brew:
Temporarily gain D20 natural armor for D6 rounds or until consumed. Usable once per fight.

Fortifying Brew:
Regain gain D20 health, you may exceed your maximum HP. Usable once per fight. At the end of the fight any extra HP is lost. Surpassing your maximum HP does not raise the overall amount.

Purifying Brew:
Take a draught and spew it out, removing any negative DoT or impairing effects. Can use while stunned.

Zen Meditation:
Lay down and take a nap, regenerate D10 health per round while channeling this ability. You may not take actions during this time including defensive rolls.

Spear Hand Strike:
Jab the target in the throat, interrupting spellcasting and locking them out of that school of magic for D4 rounds.

Incapacitate a target for D4 rounds. Any damage will cancel this effect. It may not be active on more than one target at a time, it may not be used on the same target more than once.