Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Blood Assassins focus on damage over time effects to debilitate  enemies. They exude control over blood itself, to devastating effect.


Deal an extra die worth of damage to any enemies that are bleeding

One Foot In:
You can use Grave Robber on any enemy below 25% health as an attack.

Blood Wound:
All attacks that you make with a bladed weapon cause enemies to bleed for D4 damage over D4 rounds.

Blood Rites:
Instead of bleeding damage you may choose to deal necrotic damage to enemies. They take D6 damage over D6 rounds. Necrotic and bleed damage may both be active on the same target at the same time.

Dark Velocity:
While below 50% health you gain double movement speed and an extra free action per turn.

Hardened Soul:
You are immune to fear, charms, and stuns by any enemies that are not bosses.

Sanguine Mastery:
You do not go unconscious and may fight until you are dead. When below 1 hitpoint your damage rolls are maxed out.

You can identify enemies that are not regular humans.

Stalker’s Prowess:
You can move between enemies freely without taking attacks of opportunity.

Attacking the same enemy as last round allows you to take an extra melee attack as a free action.

Roll an extra D6 against grapple, root, and restraint checks

Your natural crit range is always increased by 1.

You gain +2 to initiative, and intuition based rolls.

Free Action:

Self Sacrifice:
Let your blood flow freely for D4 turns. For each point of health you lose per turn, add double that as damage to your next attack.

Blood Sacrifice:
Cut an ally and draw their life force to heal yourself. If your ally goes unconscious you heal to full.

Blood Curse of Suffering:
Mark an enemy, they share half of the damage you take while you are in melee range of them. This can not be active on more than one target at a time.

Blood Curse of the Eyeless:
Curse an enemy within 20 yards of you, they can no longer target you until you attack them. This can not be active on more than one target at a time, and may not be used on the same enemy more than once.


Grave Robber:
Consume the residual life force from a nearby fresh corpse to regain D6 health per turn. Can not use additional actions during this time. Requires you to be within melee range of the body.

Corrupt the blood of all foes within melee range of you, inflicting D6 damage over D4 turns.

Blood Slave:
Enslave the body of a bleeding target for D4 rounds, controlling their actions. You may not take additional actions during this time, does not work on bosses.

Festering Wound:
Corrupt the blood of an enemy you cut last turn, causing them to take D6 damage for D4 turns.

Blood Boil:
Boil the blood of enemies in a 5 square area. They take D6 damage. Can not be used on the same target more than once.

Bloodletting: trap an enemy and drain their blood for D4 rounds. You deal D20 damage each turn, but may not take any other actions during this time.

Bloody Ritual:
Defile the body of a fallen enemy for D4 rounds, you may not take any additional actions during this time. When the ritual is complete you deal damage equal to the number of rounds taken as a damage multiplier.