Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Repair Armor: You may repair mail and plate armor. In a town you may do this for no cost, in the field you require materials. The amount of armor points that are repaired is the associated die roll times your crafting level.

Armor Repair:
Titansteel: D100
Titanium: D20
Steel Bar: D12
Iron Bar: D10

Craft Thrown Weapon:
Legendary: Titansteel xD20
Epic: Titanium x D12
Rare: Steel Bar x D10
Great: Iron Bar x D6

Craft Armor (Mail / Plate):
Legendary: Titansteel xD100
Epic: Titanium x D20
Rare: Steel Bar x D10
Great: Iron Bar x D10

Craft Melee Weapon:
Legendary: Titansteel x D100
Epic: Titanium x D100
Rare: Steel Bar x D20
Great: Iron Bar x D20

Collecting & Scavenging:
Common: D20
Great: D10
Rare: D8
Epic: D6
Legendary: D4

Purchasing: (c = currency |  CL = Crafting Level)
Common: D20c / CL
Great: D100c / CL
Rare: D100c x10 / CL
Epic:  D100c x100 / CL
Legendary: D100c x1000 / CL