Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Berserkers, much like barbarians, are incredible melee fighters. Berserkers stand apart in their ability to dual wield any combination of weaponry while maintaining their mobility by wearing very little armor. They are an unstoppable force, and artisans of death.


Berserkers may only wear cloth armor, and may not use shields.

Dual Wield:
Berserkers always dual wield, and may do so using any combination of weapons.

Hurl Weapon:
Berserkers may not use traditional ranged weapons, but may throw their melee weapon up to their movement bonus with no penalties.

You gain 25% of your damage dealt as healing when below 50% of your maximum HP.

Berserker Armor:
You gain 15 Natural Armor for every 25% less health you have. Bonus armor thresholds may not be triggered more than once per fight, but are not lost upon being healed.

Berserker’s Rage:
For every 10% less of your maximum health you have below 50% you roll an extra D6 damage when attacking.

You deal double damage when below 10% health. However, you will die if you reach -50% of your maximum HP. You do not go unconscious and are immune to effects that would render you so. You are still susceptible to sleep effects.

Unbridled Fury:
You may not be stunned, rooted, or snared.

Natural Strength: +15 points of damage
When you roll a natural crit, add an extra 15 points of damage damage on top of your normal critical effects.

Strength of Steel:
You never deal less than half of your damage roll's maximum die size.

Free Action:

Death Wish:
Sacrifice any number of your hit points this turn. Add it as additional damage to your next attack.


Groundbreaker: Weapon Damage + Brawn | Area of Effect Damage + Stun
Slam the ground with your weapons, rending the ground outwards in a long cone half of your movement bonus. Deal weapon damage to all enemies in its path, knocking them to the ground and stunning them for D4 rounds.

Bloody Roar: Weapon Damage + Brawn + D12 x % | Single Target Damage
Hit an enemy in a blinding rage with you weapons. Roll one extra D12 for every 25% of your missing health.

Wrecking Ball: Weapon Damage + Brawn | Area of Effect + Prone
Spin around and hit 1 enemy, knocking them back in a straight line. If that enemy hits any of his allies they all take damage and are all knocked prone.

Decimate: Weapon Damage + Brawn | Single Target Damage
Swing your weapons together in an arc in front of you. If they don't die from this blow immediately hit them a second time with both weapons for free. You do not need to roll "to hit" for this second attack, but roll your damage separately.

Pulverize: Weapon Damage + Brawn | Single Target Damage + Prone
Jump on an enemy, knocking them prone. As long as you are attacking them, they may not recover or roll defensively. Does not work on bosses or any enemy more than two sizes larger than you.