Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Crossing the open fields you see the sun dipping below the forest on the horizon. You won't make it there tonight, unfortunately, as you see clouds rolling in from the West. A storm is headed this way - and the only cover in sight is a single, large boulder half a mile to the east.

You head that way and set up camp, shielded on one side from the wind and the rain, you construct a make-shift lean-to. This will protect your campfire during the night and keep most of your belongings dry. There's enough room for everyone if you squeeze together.

The wind howls and the rain starts as the last rays of light fade from the sky. A few hours of torrential downpour, then silence as it fades into the distance to the east. The moon is out and you can see the stars, no longer covered by clouds. You have fair visibility for the rest of the evening, as you settle back in for the night.

With a creak and a groan your lean-to collapses. The poles are bent and snap as the cloth is dragged over the campfire and across the ground. Thoroughly wet, the material does not catch fire - you are disoriented as it is dragged over you, waking everyone up.

The boulder behind you is moving, rising up and spinning around. The lean-to cloth has become a cap, as a giant scarab-bettle raises up on two legs and dawns a fedora. He tugs at the tarp, deciding to leave it, twisting from side to side to gauge if it will impede his movement and admire it. Grinning to himself, he sniffs the air and looks down upon your group with a mixed reaction. "Hello" he bellows, raising his hat and placing it back down upon his head. "I am Bernie, Bernie the Beta-Beast."

He waits for your response ...

*Bernie is meant to represent an Incel Beta Male. If there are women in your group, he will repeatedly attempt to make sure they are being treated fairly and have everything that they need. If they act towards him in a dismissive manner he will enrage and attempt to provoke a fight, but will never strike first. He always targets the males in the group first.

*His natural armor makes grants him substantial physical damage reduction.