Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Beast Masters control the battlefield though positioning and numbers. Summoning animals to fight alongside them, they may challenge opponents at range or in melee.


Animal Companion: D4 - D6
Call a small to medium sized animal from the wilds to join you in combat. Your companion depends on your current location and is random. Lasts until killed or dismissed.

Call Beast - D10
Call a large wild beast to your side to fight alongside you. You can command this animal to provide a number of actions. It lasts until killed or dismissed. It has D20 hit points and D20 natural armor.

Killer Instinct
You and your pet deal 1 die size higher damage for any enemies below 25% health

Trail Blazer
You move twice as far and twice as fast per turn when outside

Thrill of the Hunt
Add +2 to your attack rolls as long as you are at full health

Scent of Blood:
You and your pets deal double damage to any enemies at 25% health or less.

Dire Frenzy:
Gain another cast of Dire Beast upon seeing an enemy perish. May not store more than 1 charge at a time.

Predator’s Thirst:
When below 25% health, you and your pet gain leech equal to 10% of the damage you deal until you are at half health.

Survival of the Fittest:
If one of your pets lands a killing blow, its duration is refreshed.

Free Action:

Heal Pet - D10
Heal your pet for D10 hit points.

Bestial Wrath
Double your pet’s damage for D4 turns. May be cast once per fight.

Kill Command
Command your pet to immediately kill a target with less than 10% health if that enemy fails their defensive roll.

Feign Death
You and your pet immediately play dead, causing all enemies who are attacking you to find another target.

Max out you and your pet’s next damage roll. May be cast once per fight.

Aspect of the Beast:
Transform into a creature of your choice for D6 rounds. Medium creatures deal D6 damage, Large creatures deal D10.

Rend & Tear: Damage Over Time - D4
Rip into your target on your next melee attack dealing D4 bleed damage for D4 turns.

Master’s Call:
Your pet removes all movement impairing effects and comes to your side, healing for half its health. Useable once per day.


Dire Beast: D10
Summon a powerful wild beast to fight at your side for (D4) rounds or until killed. May be used once per fight. Has D100 x2 hit points.

Summon Basilisk: summon an large basilisk to fight alongside of you. It deals D10 damage and can drag opponents away or petrify them with it’s glare. Replaces any active summon of Dire Beast

Murder of Crows: D6
Summon a flock of crows to attack your target for D6 damage over D4 turns. Usable once per fight.

War Bears: Summon two large bears to attack your opponents for D10 damage over D6 turns or until killed. They have double your maximum HP and may be healed. Usable once per fight, shares a cooldown with Murder of Crows.

Gift of the Colossus: Allied creature grows in size, gaining 10% extra life and dealing one die size higher physical damage. May not be active on more than one target at a time, lasts until the end of the fight or that creature dies.

Summon Behemoth: summon a single gigantic creatures to fight alongside of you including extinct and exotic beasts. Behemoths deal D20 physical damage. Replaces any active summoned creatures and you may not summon anything else while this is active. Lasts D10 rounds or until killed. Has D100 x10 hit points.

Stampede: AOE D10
Summon a herd of animals to trample all opponents in a line directly in front of you. Effective range 20 yards. Usable once per fight.

Stomp: AOE Stun
Slam your foot on the ground knocking any enemies within melee range off of their feet.

Savage Roar:
All allies and companions deal double damage for D4 rounds. Usable once per day.