Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Assassination Rogues focus on debilitating single target attacks. Deadly melee fighters, they prefer to stay in the shadows, ambush an opponent, and fade from sight to stalk another prey.


Armor Proficency:
This class exclusively uses Cloth armor.

Weapon Proficency:
This class exclusively uses Light weapons.

Every two consecutive attacks you land on the same target generates you a combo point. You may store up to 10 combo points and spend them for free at any time. A combo point allows you to enhance certain abilities or roll an additional D4 on your next successful attack. Combo points are not consumed if you fail to hit your target.

Deadly Fate:
When you crit, you automatically generate a free combo point.

Throw Weapon:
You may throw small blades up to half of your movement bonus with no penalties.

Deadly Accuracy:
You may attack enemies in vital spots where their armor does not protect them, allowing you battle mail & plate wearers on even footing.

While stealthed you take 50% less damage from AoE. AoE damage do not break stealth.

You disappear into the shadows. While stealthed you may not be targeted, but your movement bonus is cut in half. Attacking will break stealth. You may not stealth while in combat.

Continue to attack the same target consecutively for at least two rounds and swift strikes goes up one die size. Bonus is lost if you stop attacking that target.

When attacking from stealth roll and extra D6 damage

Free Action:

Swift Strikes: D4
Lash out with your weapons dealing D4 damage each.

Allows you to vanish from sight, entering stealth while in combat.

Take evasive maneuvers. Take 50% less damage for D4 turns from all sources or until you attack.


Mutilate: D8
Attack with both weapons simultaneously, dealing D8 damage & generating a combo point.

Rupture: D4+
A finishing move that bleeds the target & deals heavy damage. D4 for base and bleed damage, the die size goes up for every two combo points you spend. Duration of bleed is D4.

Fan of Knives: D4
Spin around, spraying knives in all directions at any enemies within 10 yards for D4 damage.

Garrote: D4 + D6
Sneak up behind an enemy and Garrote them. Dealing D4 damage, and D6 bleed damage over D6 rounds and silence any spellcasting for D4 turns. Must attack from stealth.

Increase you dodge rolls by 100% for one round.

Cloak of Shadows:
Be consumed by the shadows, instantly removing all harmful damage over time and movement impairing effects.