Custom Content for Homebrew tabletop and D&D campaigns

Artificers are master tinkers who invent new spells and gadgets. They are a special type of person, students of invention and warfare. They use their knowledge of magic and various exotic ingredients to create objects that will aid them on their adventures.

Magical Analysis: You can infer the origin, purpose, and attributes of magical items that were created by hand

Bag of Holding: You may hold up to twice your carrying capacity with no limitations. Upgrade this bag to increase its bonus. You may upgrade this an unlimited amount of times.

Cap of Water Breathing: You may breathe underwater while wearing this hat.

Goggles of Night: You can see in the dark up to your movement range while wearing this hat.

Helm of Comprehending Languages: You can understand and speak languages as if you are native of that land. Does not apply to languages not of this world or realm.

Lantern of Revealing: Anyone who comes within 10 squares of this lantern is revealed to the party regardless of mundane or magical subterfuge.

Folding Boat: It’s a 2 person dingy with oars. It also folds up and will fit in your bag.

Hat of Disguise: While wearing this hat your face is shrouded and obscured. You may use a daily artificer spell to alter the appearance of your face to suit your needs. The change is lasts until you spend another spellcast to alter it.

Slippers of Spider Climbing: You are sure footed and will not fall or slip as long as one of your feet is touching a solid surface.

Eyes of the Eagle: Your sight can be enhanced to 4x your normal vision.

Ring of Jumping: You may jump up to three times your height. Weight penalties still apply.

Mechanical Servant: You can create a small (D4) construct that is immune to charm, poison, and mind control effects. It’s damage goes up a die size every 5 artificer levels.

Superior Attunement: You can change the spell properties of a single trait on any piece of gear. This means you can change the primary or secondary stat type, or reroll one of the numerical stats. Usable once per week.

Soul of Artifice: You can protect your soul by locking it in an item of your choice in the event you are killed or your body is destroyed.

Infuse Magic: You have the ability to channel your artificer spells into a mundane object for later use. Limitations apply, see DM for more details.

Artificer Spells:

Gram of Alarm: Once set, it emits a piercing screech if someone comes within 10 yards of it.

Gram of Disguise Self: You no longer look like yourself, instead you look like someone else. Appearance is random, holds up under magical scrutiny, lasts 1 hour.

Continual Flame: This burns for 12 hours and may only be extinguished by magical means.

Darkvision: You can see in the dark up to your movement range for 1 hour.

Enhance Ability: Add an extra D6 to one stat or ability for 1 fight. Effect does not stack.

Enlarge: Double in size and stature for 1 hour.

Reduce: Shrink in size and stature for 1 hour.

Lesser Invisibility: You are invisible to the naked eye. Does not protect you from magical detection.

Levitate: Hover 2-3 feet above the ground for 1 hour.

See Invisibility: You can detect invisible objects and people for 1 hour. You can not make out the specifics, just the general location, size, and shape.

Glyph of Warding: Place a ward that covers a 10 square area. You will know if anyone passes through this area, conversely it keeps out enemies of a single type. Can withstand 100 points of damage before failing.

Water Walk: You may walk on water for 1 hour.

Water Breathing: You may breathe underwater for 1 hour.

Freedom of Movement: The next movement impairing effect on you fails. Lasts 1 day or until consumed.

Stoneskin: You gain D10 natural armor.

Conjure Ammo: You may conjure a stack (D100) of mundane ranged ammo for any weapon type.

Fire Trap: Create a trap that wards an area. When an enemy triggers the spell by entering the 10x10 zone, a fiery explosion does D6 fire damage per Artificer level.

Lucky Cape: You imbue a cloak with Luck, gaining +1 to all non-combat rolls.

Lesser Globe of Invulnerability: Crush this in your hand to activate a shimmering magical sphere around your person. This negates the next attack that hits you, and lasts until absorbed.

Static Discharge: Devise a contraption that shocks and stuns the next person who hits you. They take D10 damage and are stunned for 1 round per your artificer level. Does not work on bosses, may not be recharged while in combat.

Elemental Armor: Engrave a piece of armor, overwriting all secondary stats. Craft runes of protection into your armor to protect you from an elemental damage type of your choice. You take 10% less damage from this type per piece of gear that has this bonus.

Thundering Armor: Engrave a piece of armor, overwriting all secondary stats. In exchange, you automatically trigger a sonic attack on the first person to hit you while in combat. Deals D6 damage (times your Artificer level), each piece may only trigger once per fight but automatically recharges when outside of combat.

Adamantine Weapon: Embue your weapon with the power of Adamantium. Enemies have a 50% less chance to successfully block you, and you ignore 25% of all armor. This effect replaces an enchantment.

Cold Iron Weapon: Embue your weapon with the power of Cold Iron. You deal double damage to fey, undead, & fiends.

Silver Weapon: Embue your weapon with the power of Cold Iron. You deal double damage to vampires, lycanthropes, devils, & wraiths.

Transmute: You may change the  stat bonus type of a single piece of gear. Usable once per day. Shares a cooldown with Reinforce.

Reinforce: You may add additional armor of a D4 times your Artificer level to a single piece of gear. Usable once per day. Shares a cooldown with Transmute.

Flame Turret: Build a portable, destroyable turret that fires jets of flame at nearby enemies within 8 squares for one fight. Takes 1 day to repair or reload. You may not carry more than one of these. Turret deals D8 fire damage, and may hit multiple enemies within a 1 square wide line. You may sacrifice your movement and free action to reposition the turret within battle. It automatically shuts down if it takes more than 100 damage.

Blast Rod: Deal D6 (times your artificer level) electricity damage as a free action. This is considered a ranged weapon.

Blade Barrier: Erect a circular wall of blades that damage anyone who passes through it. 5 squares wide, it deals D6 (times Artificer level) per attempt to pass through. Usable once per day. You may cast or shoot through it successfully.

Deconstruct: You may channel this ability over time to deal immense damage to any man-made construct that has been damaged.

Reconstruct:  You may channel this ability over time to rebuild any man-made construct that has been damaged.

Wondrous Invention: Attempt to build a wondrous invention, you must roll a natural 20 in order to be successful.

Glyph of Warding: Set a ward that alerts you if anyone passes through it. Covers a 20 square area. The glyph is consumed when set.

Death Glyph: Set a ward in a 20 square area, if anyone dies within the next "X" rounds (Artificer Level) their soul is preserved within their body until the end of the day, giving your party a chance to revive you.

Continual Flame: Light an everburning flame that lasts for one week.

Fabricate: Create a mundane item of your choice.