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Arcane mages typically stay in one place and cast spells repeatedly. The strength of their play style revolves around trading opportunities in order to stack abilities. While not very hard-hitting, arcane mages have the ability to cast 5+ attacks per turn.


Instantly cast a free arcane missle. Always procs when landing a killing blow. Always procs when you roll a crit.

Time Warp:
Sacrificing your movement or ability for a free action instead grants 2 free actions.

All your casts are instant and you are unaffected by movement impairing effects. Enemies do not get attacks of opportunity on you.

Incanter’s Flow:
You may choose to take and deal 25% more or less damage from all sources.

You take 10% less damage from “natural” magics.

If arcane explosion hits at least 3 targets it procs clearcasting.

When clearcast, Arcane Missiles hits one additional target.

Rule of Threes:
Every third Arcane Blast or Arcane Barrage procs clearcasting.

Free Action:

Arcane Missles: D4
Cast an arcane missle at an enemy for D4 damage.

Arcane Power:
For 1 round your arcane missiles deal D8 damage. You gain 1 charge per day. Charge is refreshed upon landing a killing blow. You may not have more than one charge active at a time.

Gain a charge of Arcane Power. Usable once per day.

Arcane Intellect:
Infuse the target with brilliance, giving them a Wisdom bonus of 25% for 1 hour.

Mana Shield:
Activate to summon a magical barrier around you for D4 rounds. It absorbs 100% of magical attacks, and 50% of physical attacks. For every attack it absorbs while active, you must sacrifice that many of your next free actions. During this time, clearcasting procs of Arcane Missile are considered sacrificed free actions.

Teleport forward your movement bonus as a free action unless something is in the way. You may not teleport through objects or people.

Charged Up:
Proc a free clearcasting for every 10% of your maximum health you sacrifice this turn.

Proc a free Arcane Power for every 50% of your maximum health you sacrifice this turn.

Health sacrificed for Arcane Power does not count towards procs of clearcasting, or vice versa.


Arcane Blast: D8
Fire a magic blast of arcane energy at a single target. Takes 2 rounds to recharge.

Arcane Barrage: D6
Fire a magic blast of arcane energy at a target. If it hits, it splits and does D4 damage to at least two other enemies within 5 yards of the primary target. On a crit all enemies take D6 instead.

Arcane Explosion: D10
Deal D10 arcane damage split evenly to all enemies within 10 yards. May not be cast consecutively.

Steal a random magical ability or effect from an enemy. Procs clearcasting. This ability does not stack on the same target.

Mirror Image:
Summon multiple copies of yourself around the battlefield that mimic your actions and movement. Your copies do no damage but confused the enemy. Active for D4 rounds.

Rune of Power:
Summon a Rune of Power on the ground that lasts for D4 turns. While active, anyone who stands on it gains a 25% spell bonus. Only one may be active at a time.

Supernova: D10
Set a pulsing bomb of arcane energy on a enemy or ally. All surrounding enemies within 10 yards take D10 damage after 1 round. The bomb holder is unaffected.